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Utsukushii Kare Ep 6

This Saturday, 'Currently, We're Breaking Up' Episode 12 will air, and tensions are rising. In the meanwhile, Young Eun and Jae Guk's relationship is deteriorating due to the influence of their respective families. Chi Sook's romantic life may have a good meal this time. Realizing that Do Hoon loves strongly about her, she must use his feelings to her advantage in order to convince her father to let her be. However, when Do Hoon met CEO Hwang, CEO Hwang saw that Do Hoon is unquestionably not a good liar. In addition to learning that his feelings for Chi Sook are genuine, he decided to help him woo her. Young Eun spent time with Mi Sook coping with her since she refused to undergo treatment. Due to the changing circumstances, she has finally agreed to undergo the therapy. She is assisting Ji Min in doing tasks independently. Enhancing her appearance and photographing success while having as much fun as possible. While Su Hoo tries to finalize the deal dep

His parents gave him a camera, which he uses to document his life, only to discover that it is filled with disappointments. Kazunari is more anxious than normal as he enters his final year of high school, stuttering even when he introduces himself... At this very time, Kiyoi Sou (Yusei Yagi) enters the classroom, and the students go quiet, ending Kazunari's crisis. Kazunari becomes the errand boy for Kiyou's group and looks rather pleased about it. It turns out he fell in love with Kiyou the minute he saw him.

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