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Toyota Hilux Ln 65

The last service performed by the original owner in 2016 consisted of a full repaint in Off-White and underbody coating, four new Dunlop tires, and a rear axle service. The timing belt was changed in 1999 at 99,000 kilometers, and the injectors were serviced in 2008 with new nozzles at 119,040 kilometers. It has traveled less than 3,000 kilometers over the last decade, but it has been driven and serviced regularly, passing safety checks every six months. It has always been stored in a garage.

The engine is in fantastic condition, and the valves were inspected when I changed the oil seals and timing belt. This Hilux is frugal, dependable, and the most competent "stock" vehicle I've ever owned. Excellent for nonstop smiles and nonstop thumbs up. Enjoy everyone's overall confusion as to why your vehicle sounds like it has a diesel engine. This is the vehicle that the rest of the world was able to buy for decades after the two-year stay here. If you comprehend the Hilux's uniqueness, you may appreciate its allure.

The inside has a two-spoke steering wheel, roll-up windows, and an OEM radio. The dashboard and door panels were renovated and a new rearview mirror and OEM antenna were installed in 2018. The heating controls were refurbished in April 2018. The vendor has added roughly 500 kilometers to the odometer's reading of approximately 122k kilometers (72k miles).

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