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To Inch Exhaust Tip

2.5 To 5 Inch Exhaust Tip

One benefit of a turned-down exhaust tip is that it improves the appearance of the vehicle from behind. An exhaust turn-down tip is a clever option if you don't want to view the exhaust exiting the back of your car or if you want to steer hot exhaust fumes away from anything you may be towing. Due to the fact that these exhaust tips are angled downward, they may reflect sound off the road to provide even more song for your ears. They are ideal for exhaust manufacturing, customisation, and maintenance. If you're searching for these types of exhaust tips, your search is over. Our MRT 2.5 "The Stainless Steel 2.5-Inch Turn-Down Exhaust Tip may be just what you want. They are built of straightforward T304 2.5 "Mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust tube with a small downward inclination at the end to guide air and sound downward.

Step 1: Clean the tailpipe and exhaust tip Before installation, clean the vehicle's exhaust tip and tailpipe with a brush and microfiber cloth. Ensure that there is no sand, dust, oil, or ash on it. Step 2: Simple installation Use automotive oil to lubricate the parts if you encounter any resistance while installing the exhaust tip.

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4 To 7 Inch Exhaust Tip

5 To 8 Inch Exhaust Tip

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