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Rebecca Cross And David Mcneill

In the spring of 2002, two juniors, Alice Newton and Jon Harper, founded the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Straight Alliance (GLBT-SA). GLBT-mission SA's was to promote political activism for LGBTIQ issues on campus and across the state. The GLBT-SA eventually supplanted the Queer Network for Change, which many believe lost straight members after changing its name from B-GLAD. [10] Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Alliance (GLBTSA) 2010–2012 [edit]

ABSTRACTIn this paper, we investigate how robots' physically embodied nature influences learning through nonverbal communication, such as gesturing. We examine student interactions with a NAO robot that uses gestures to reason about geometry conjectures from an embodied cognition perspective. College-aged students (N = 30) were randomly assigned to one of two conditions: dynamic, in which the robot uses dynamic gestures to represent and manipulate geometric shapes in the conjectures, or control, in which the robot uses beat gestures that match the rhythm of speech. Students in the dynamic condition: (1) use more gestures when reasoning about geometry conjectures, (2) look more at the robot as it speaks, (3) believe the robot is a better study partner and uses effective gestures, but (4) are not more successful in reasoning about geometry conjectures correctly. The implications for socially supported and embodied learning with a physically present robot are discussed.

Liddell's (1995; 1996; Liddell and Metzger 1998) proposal has brought to light the issue of the linguistic status of certain parts of American Sign Language (ASL) utterances. He proposes that agreement verbs are verbs that are simultaneously articulated with pointing gestures rather than verbs that are simultaneously articulated with agreement morphemes. Agreement verbs are verbs that move to signing space locations associated with specific referents in the discourse. A signer may place a man on the left at location x and a woman on the right at location y. The signer then moves the lexical sign ASK from location x to location y to sign He asks her. These locations have been studied as agreement morphemes (Fischer and Gough 1978; Klima and Bellugi 1979; Padden 1988; Liddell and Johnson 1989; Lillo-Martin and Klima 1990; Aarons et al. 1992) that combine with the lexical verb to form the multimorphemic sign x ASKy.

980 Park Avenue, at 84th Street, CHURCH OF ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA (Roman Catholic). Plainsong chant; Kent Tritle's "St. Luke Passion," Farrell's "Hosanna Filio David," Gesualdo's "O Vos Omnes," Victoria's "Vere Languores," Michle Eaton, soprano; Peter Stewart, baritone; Charles Perry Sprawls, bass; Nancianne Parrella, associate organist; Mr. 11 a.m. (212) 288-3588 for more information.

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