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Printable Star Of David Pattern

DAVID'S STAR A Jewish symbol is the Star of David. It is well-known for being named after King David of Israel. The star is made up of a triangle that is overlapping by another, upside-down triangle. It is unknown how this became a Jewish symbol, but it was first used in the Middle Ages.

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3 Cut out the stars one at a time for the first six templates.

4 Cut out each column for the last two templates (fold-and-cut stars). The top of the column should be folded along the horizontal line at the bottom of the star. Fold the column's remaining length accordion-style (back-and-forth folding). Cut along the outline of the star while keeping the paper folded. See photos and instructions for our Starry Necklace craft.

Coloring is critical to a child's overall development. Coloring improves fine motor skills, increases concentration, and sparks creativity in children. Coloring is another excellent way to keep the kids busy and engaged while also providing some quiet time for everyone. This Star of David coloring page is a fun Hanukkah activity.

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