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My Hero Academia Two Heroes David Shield

RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Inexplicable Facts About Suneater Why not do it while formidable Pro Heroes like All Might aren't there to thwart the plan? David might have devised a much more devious plan to reclaim the Quirk Amplification Device. By using actors, they'd eventually figure out what he was seeking, and who wouldn't want to take that gadget after hearing what it could do to Quirks?

All Might may be unable to go out patrolling and fighting criminals, but that doesn't mean he can't share his knowledge with other heroes. Every day, All For One unleashes new dangers on hero society, and everyone must learn from the past in order to avoid making the same errors in the future. In some ways, All Might has already begun to achieve this by advising Endeavor on what it means to be the Symbol of Peace. 5 He is able to reconnect with old friends such as David Shield.

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Both films, like the anime, have a plethora of minor nuances that contribute to strengthen the plot, even if spectators don't see them. Many of the little additions in Two Heroes emphasize themes from the anime or the characters' beliefs, giving viewers something to think about while watching.

One of the main reasons why Midoriya and Uraraka should be together is because they are both students in the same class. This not only makes sense from a distance, but it also implies that the two will have comparable schedules for the next four years. And, as an extra benefit, they share a dormitory. RELATED: 10 Things Everyone In My Hero Academia Completely Missed: Two Heroes

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