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Motel Lafayette La

How much does a hotel room in Lafayette cost tonight? KAYAK users seeking for double rooms in Lafayette in the past 3 hours discovered 3-star hotels starting at $101 and 4-star hotels starting at $108. The cheapest available accommodation for tonight was $48. Where can I get a hotel in downtown Lafayette? After starting a hotel search on KAYAK, you may narrow your results by neighborhood, allowing you to choose the core Lafayette districts. You may also use the city map to search for a particular spot, such as the Lafayette city center.

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Lafayette, Louisiana Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels may be found in Lafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette, Louisiana has 80 hotels listed. You may see Hotels & Motels in the Lafayette region by using the interactive Map below. Below the Map is a list of all Hotels & Motels. The list to the left of the map displays the top Hotel Chains and Franchises in the Lafayette region.

When you notice numerous reviews, the most current ones will be shown at the top, subject to a few minor considerations. You may sort and/or filter them based on the time of year, review score, and other factors. When we provide external review ratings from other well-known travel websites, we make it apparent.

Hotels Lafayette La

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a 27-minute walk away. 35-minute walk to Blackham Coliseum. Alexandre Mouton House is 42 minutes walk away. Cajundome is 2.7 miles/4.3 kilometers away. Vermilionville is 2.4 miles/3.8 kilometers away. St. John's Cathedral, 2.4 mi/3.8 km. Vermilionville Historic Village is 2.4 miles/3.9 kilometers away. Acadiana Children's Museum, 2.4 mi / 3.9 km. 5 minute commute to Lafayette, LA (LFT-Lafayette Regional). 4 minute drive to Lafayette Station 28-minute trip to New Iberia Station. WiFi is provided throughout the property. SPECIALTY:

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For visitors with impairments, the pool includes a lift or other accessible methods of entrance and exit. Following an examination of possibilities at the spa, it was found that there was no safe and feasible method to build a lift or other accessible means of entrance and departure. As a result, the spa does not provide an easily accessible route of admission and departure.

Avg. price/night from September to November 104 HIGHEST 52 230°F is the average temperature. Avg. precipitation: 70 F 25 F 98 F DRIEST 42 in 33 in 77 in Price trend data includes taxes and fees and is based on base prices for a nightly stay for two adults found on our site in the previous seven days and averaged for frequently visited hotels in Lafayette. Select dates and run the search to see nightly totals that include taxes and fees.

Say hello to the best Lafayette hotels.

Enjoy a walking tour of historic Vermilionville's 1850s Acadian home and the Healer's Garden, which displays Louisiana's famed French, Cajun, Creole, and Native American influences. To take a trip back in time, stroll through the blossoming collection of native plants that were previously employed for therapeutic reasons. While Lafayette is rich in history, there are plenty of contemporary activities and facilities to be found. The Acadiana Mall is a top shopping area that has a variety of retailers, boutiques, and eateries.

Hotel Lafayette La Rochelle

The hotel has luggage storage, quick registration and departure, and a journal. The popularity of the petit déjeuner among visitors to Rochefort is not surprising. There is free parking available for vehicle customers. Do you like Italian restaurants? This makes sense since the Hotel La Fayette is only two blocks away from eateries such as L'Atelier de la Pizza, La Vuelta Caf, and La Sicilia.

Hello, Monsieur. First and foremost, we thank you for your feedback, even though we are disappointed to learn that your vacation did not live up to your expectations. Because our table is so close to the water, the daraignes have a habit of returning quickly, requiring a thorough cleaning. You notice the lack of rideaux in your room. Indeed, although the rez-de-chausse apartments are equipped with showers, this is not the case on the subsequent days since the showers are not visible from the lextrieur. Finally, about our restaurant: Our chefs prepare all of the meals on-site. Because fish provisioning is so difficult, we end up working with frozen fish. The bread is baked on the spot before serving, which explains why it feels warm. Be assured that we prioritize our customers' delight and comfort above anything else. Cordialement, La FayettePlus Residence Club

-, '

The rooms were well-equipped, the bed was comfy, and the cleaning women did an excellent job. The desk employees were kind and helpful. There was plenty of safe parking. However, the room décor was, to put it mildly, dreadful! The carpet was a mottled dark grey throughout, with greige walls and a lot of black finishes. We found the whole environment dismal. Everything was newly decorated, but it's a pity they didn't hire an interior designer with some flair and style. Only the bathroom was bright and light, however keep in mind that the bath is quite high and difficult to reach. Normally, the breakfast room would not have been an issue. But it was a bank holiday weekend, and every morning there was a scrum, making social distance difficult. The eager crew were kept on their toes attempting to keep things stocked. In compared to the dining area, the remainder of the public areas were spacious and underutilized.

Hotel Lafayette Lake Minnetonka

The first hotel on Lake Minnetonka in more than a half-century opens this weekend in Wayzata, heralding a mini-return to the period of big hotels that once studded the waterfront. The Landing in Wayzata will have a soft launch with private parties on Saturday, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony and general opening the following Friday.

Photographing Lake Minnetonka is an intriguing and nostalgic look at the evolution of Minnesota's biggest and most renowned summer lake resort. This richly illustrated book follows the lake from its days as a fishing spot and secret hideaway in the 1860s to the 1880s when James J. Hill's grand hotels, railroads, and palace steamers dominated the lake, to the turn of the century when the Big Island Amusement Park and the Twin Cities Rapid Transit's express boats and streetcar lines pointed the way to a new era. Ogland's daguerreotypes, cartes-de-visite, stereoviews, view cards, and hand-tinted postcards of the day depict the hustle and excitement of the moment. At the height of the postcard mania, every hotel on Lake Minnetonka, big and small, provided postcard views of its majestic architecture, shoreline, or filled porches and dining rooms. Thousands of postcards were sent to families, sweethearts, friends, and acquaintances by summer vacationers eager to show off their newfound affluence and leisure. The landscapes on the front of these cards reveal a lot about what the perfect holiday looked like for turn-of-the-century lake vacationers.

Sep - Nov Average nightly rate 168 HIGHEST 88 225 Average temperature - Average precipitation 26 in DRIESTP

Rice trend data includes taxes and fees and is based on base prices for a nightly stay for two adults found on our site in the previous seven days and averaged for frequently visited hotels in Minnetonka. Select dates and run the search to see nightly totals that include taxes and fees.

[edit] Geography

Lake Minnetonka developed when the Laurentide Ice Sheet withdrew northward around 10,000 years ago. The lake is made up of kettle lakes linked by waterways and marshlands, which along with 18 islands provide the lake's uneven shape and 125 miles (201 km) of coastline. Lake Minnetonka is separated into two half, the Upper Lake in the west and the Lower Lake in the east, to mirror the lake's watershed's easterly flow. Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka is the deepest point at 113 feet (34 meters). The lake's average depth is around 30 feet. Lake Minnetonka is Minnesota's tenth biggest lake, with 14,528 acres (5,879 ha). [7]

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