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Joule Luftgewehr Joule

Brigitte Eherer (98 rings) won the competition with her air rifle, while Reinhard Duldinger won with his air pistol (95 Ringe). Andreas Plank won the Emil-Bumberger-Gedchtnispokal. Martin Lehner (90) won the youth competition against Manuel Schimpfhauser and Lukas Fuchsgruber. red More on this topic will be published in the PNP on April 13th (Ausgabe Pfarrkirchen)

There are many more powerful weapons, yet the penetration power of a jet fighter should not be underestimated. Druckluftwaffen, Federdruckwaffen, and CO2-Waffen with an energy of more than 7,5 Joule are therefore prohibited. Although these weapons may be obtained for free if they have less than 7,5 Joules and are marked with an F, they are subject to certain restrictions. Only transport, do not accompany.

When the distance is set to 50, 75, or 100 meters, the advantages of powerful weapons become immediately apparent.

If it were legal to hunt with air weapons on sand dunes in Germany, my conclusion would be quite different. On short distances, a stronger air defense system might be useful. However, the Germans have no need to bang their heads, since this is expressly forbidden by the law.

Short explanation: Whether you use heavy or light kugels, the energy remains constant. The only thing that changes is the kugel's flight speed. A heavy kugel flies slower (though faster in i.d.R. and with good hopUp), but a light kugel flies faster. In every case, the energy remains geich*!

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