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Jeep Tj Inch Lift Kit

Hello everyone, I'm new to the offroading community and just purchased a 2000 TJ Wrangler. I have a few inquiries. I know there are several posts on this subject, but I couldn't find any definitive answers, and it seems that everyone has different ideas on brands. Click to enlarge... 1) I'd want to purchase a 4 inch suspension lift.

Rough Country Jeep suspension raise systems range from simple spring spacers to a long arm lift kit and everything in between. Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. Skyjacker lift kits with Softride coil springs or spacers will raise your Jeep. All Jeep lift kit choices deliver performance, strength, and longevity.

Make this Kit your own!

3/4 BDS Suspension "Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ models 1997-2006, including Rubicon and Unlimited. This 3/4" raise kit includes four new 3/4" urethane upper coil spring spacers as well as four new NX series shock absorbers. These spacers can be used to gain 3/4" or to replace your old warn out upper rubber coil isolator. BDS has a vast assortment of accessories for Jeeps from 1997 to 2006, so see what's available by personalizing your system. Tire and Wheel Combos

BDS is established in Michigan, so the business understands that a Jeep over 20 years old may have rusted hardware. As a result, many of the important bolts are replaced with new bolts, nuts, and washers supplied in the kit, just in case rusty old bolts need to be cut out with a grinder or torch. View all ten images View all ten images

Jeep Tj 2 Inch Body Lift Kit

Free shipping offers are only available for Standard Ground Delivery Service and delivery addresses within the 48 contiguous United States. Unless otherwise specified, truck freight and oversize costs still apply, and orders may only be transported to the lower 48 states. Free Shipping deals do not apply to Rough Country goods. Free delivery does not apply to tires or wheel and tire kits. There will be an extra fee for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Across the nation, ground delivery typically takes 4-5 days. However, if we can obtain your goods from a place closer to your delivery address, you may get your purchase much sooner! Each purchase is handled individually, and we cannot guarantee timely delivery of your product until it has shipped and a tracking number has been supplied.

The Jeep Wrangler is a vehicle that is manufactured "body on frame." The body mounts that isolate the body and affix it to the frame degrade with time. When this occurs, it is typical for vibrations to travel from the frame to the body of the Jeep, causing the Jeep to not sit properly on the frame. The good news is that you can simply replace the body mounts on your Wrangler. You may also install a body lift to get more space for wider tires without installing a suspension lift.

This is a Rough Country 3.25" suspension lift with 33" 12.5 Duratracs. When the sway bars are removed, the fenders rub terribly, so I had to remove the fender flares until I could install the 1.25" BL, and I also had to add spacers since the control arms rub before complete turn stops. The good: off road, these 33"s have made an Enormous difference over the 31x10.5s I was running; I was amazed at how much of a difference it made; off road, it is lot more nimble, stable, and capable of leaping huge obstacles in a few of bounds haha. Seriously, 33's are worth the effort, but don't be shocked if the 2" increase is insufficient. the rubbing after 4 hours in an off-road parkI'm adding the Rough Country 1.25" BL to what I already have (along with the 1" MML to hold the sticks in place) and 1.5" spacers (though spacers are hard on bearings and shafts, its worth it to keep the 33"s)

Jeep Tj 4 Inch Lift Kit

Vehicle Protection: Driving off-road poses unique risks to your Jeep. The incorporated two bump stops help to reduce the possibility of damage. These allow for more wheel motion while also protecting the wheel. Improved Handling: Shocks that are old and worn out are useless to you, your passengers, or your Jeep. Give your Jeep the handling and performance it needs to safely navigate challenges on and off the trail. When tackling ravines or rocky terrain, four inches of lift surely helps.

2) I've heard I need a steering stabilizer kit, SYE (no clue what it is). brake lines that are longer? But I've also heard that you don't need anything extra but the equipment given in the site. I'm not looking for extreme offroading, just some trails and gentle inclines with no rock climbing. However, I couldn't discover any definitive answers to queries that I believe should have clear solutions. 1) I need a 4 inch suspension raise, such as Skyjacker Part TJ401BPH - 4 Inch Sport Lift Kit with Hydro Shocks - Fits 1997 to 2002. 4 Wheel Parts for Jeep TJ Wrangler Is this all I require? 2) I've heard I need a steering stabilizer kit, SYE (no clue what it is). brake lines that are longer? But I've also heard that you don't need anything extra but the equipment given in the site. Click to enlarge... 3) I'm seeking to run 35s (the circular shaped ones, not the "stop sign"), what does this have to do with anything? Click to enlarge...

Anyone seeking for a low-cost option with a moderate boost will be pleased with this selection. While it does not provide the same accuracy as some of the more expensive choices, it is a decent choice for individuals looking for a minor performance gain. According to customer evaluations, installation took just a few hours, and it works smoothly and silently on your vehicle. In terms of value, we believe this is one of the finest raise kits for Jeep Wrangler TJ.Rough Country 2 Lift Kit Compatible with 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ 65830 N3 Shocks Suspension System for Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ

I adore it! I have around 2k miles on the lift kit and it took me about two days as a first timer with adjustable control arms, primarily due to work getting in the way. It was relatively simple to install; all that was required was a steering stabilizer and a sye kit or transfer case drop kit. I chose a SYE because it is safer, particularly for lifting more than 4 inches. Everything is of high quality, and I had no problems installing it. The only drawback to this device is the tightness of the fast disconnects!!!! It takes a mallet and about 20 minutes to get the link pins back in, but it's been gorgeous both on and off the road. It really is one of the most comprehensive kits available, so there is no need to put it together. I enjoyed it and continue to do so.

Jeep Tj 2.5 Inch Lift Kit

Part # Price Weight Shock Option: No Thanks; Transfer Case Drop Option: No Thanks FBTJ2C $239.99 50 No thanks on the shock option; Transfer Case Drop: 1996-2002 + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6S $269.99 52 Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Manual Transmission + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6M Shock Option: No Thanks $269.99 52 No thanks; Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Automatic Transmission + $35.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ8M $274.99 Transfer Case Drop: No Thanks; Shock Option: Performance 8000, +$99.00 FBTJ2C-8KS $416.81 72 Transfer Case Drop: 1996-2002 + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6S-8KS Shock Option: Performance 8000, +$99.00 $446.81 74 Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Manual Transmission + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6M-8KS $446.81 74 Shock Option: Bilstein 5100, +$339.90; Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Automatic Transmission + $35.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ8S-8KS $451.81 74 Shock Option: Bilstein 5100, +$339.90; Transfer Case Drop: No Thanks FBTJ2C-BIL2 $713.71 72 Shock Option: Bilstein 5100, +$339.90; Transfer Case Drop: 1996-2002 + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6S-BIL2 $743.71 74 Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Manual Transmission + $30.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ6M-BIL2 $743.71 74 Shock Option: Bilstein 5100, +$339.90; Transfer Case Drop: 2003 Bilstein 5100 Shocks +$339.90; Transfer Case Drop: 2003-2006 Automatic Transmission + $35.00 FBTJ2C-TCDTJ8S-BIL2 $748.71 74


Ranchos' new 2.5 Inch Sport Lift Kit is ideal for Jeep Wrangler TJ or Unlimited LJ owners who wish to install 33x12.50 tires while maintaining a low center of gravity. Lower adjustable control arms with D2 bushings are included in this kit to fix pinion angles for optimal drive line geometry. The D2 synthetic, high articulation bushings in the control arms provide enhanced damping as well as improved ride and handling. To reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, the D2 bushing features a stiffer inner bearing material and a softer outer material. The D2 bushing is grease-free, with a lubricating lining impregnated into the internal bushing for quiet, maintenance-free operation. Rancho provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the components in this package.


Maximum Duty Coil Spring Suspension Kits from Quadratec provide an extra 2-1/2 inches of suspension and are a good option for mounting up to 32 tall tires. These premium kits use our longer Maximum Duty Coils to replace your four factory length coil springs. Our coil springs are made from superior steel alloy material to assure uniformity, and they are pre-set to increase memory and avoid settling. Each spring is CNC wrapped and stress tested to ensure uniformity over the spring's entire travel cycle. Our progressive rate coil springs are developed to be within 10% of the factory rates while retaining the smooth factory-like qualities and all the aggressive off-road handling capabilities. Coil springs are simple to install and do not need the use of a spring compressor. The 2-1/2 Coil Spring kits come with four Quadratec unique shock absorbers to assist enhance both street and off-road performance. These full systems are available with either Hydro 7.0 or Nitro 8.0 shock absorbers and include all of the essential hardware and brackets to keep your car aligned. Complete installation instructions are supplied.

When purchasing a Wrangler lift, consider where you want your Jeep to end up. If you purchase a 2 inch lift, chances are you'll want to upgrade to a 4 inch lift within a year. It is much less expensive to update once and be done with it. Popular Jeep Wrangler TJ Lift Kits are reviewed here:

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