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Jeep Inch Lift

Jeep 3 Inch Lift Jk

Jeep Wrangler 2 Inch Lift Before And After

Getting a Jeep raise kit is the greatest solution for everyone who owns one of these cars. Lifts allow you to simply open the top of your Jeep and obtain access to all places without having to get out of the vehicle. Gaining access will give the security you've come to expect from your jeep. This may be quite useful if you wish to transfer valuables or anything else of value into a guarded car.

Mopar lied when they claimed to have solved the bowing problem. The dealership installed the Mopar 2 inch raise on my JL. When it first came out, I was annoyed to see so much bending on one side and so little on the other. They did, in fact, do an alignment. The repair just did not work. The "seat" for the spring is insufficient. I'm certain Terra Flex or another firm will produce something worthwhile. If you already have it or wish to get it, just get the front adjustable track bar. Rough Country's track bar is my recommendation. You can easily change it while it's still on the jeep. This makes labor less expensive if you take it to a shop and less inconvenient if you install it yourself. So far, I haven't found the need for a rear adjustable track bar. If that changes, I'll let you know. Just be aware that Mopar has let us down again again, and be ready.

This isn't even a thinking for many Jeep owners; you simply do it (lift firstask questions later). That's exactly what I did. However, I would advise any new Jeep owner to take a step back and consider if a raise kit is really the best option for them before making the purchase. Why, you could ask? To the uninitiated, elevating a Jeep isn't as easy as bolting on the kit and then living happily ever after. Suspension lifts, in particular, will alter the geometry of your suspension's original design. I won't bore you with the details of control arm length, alignment specifications, and pinion angles, but suffice it to say that you'll be adjusting all of these following your lift (something the catalogs forget to mention in their marketing copy). So, little Padawan, learn from my mistakes and perhaps you'll save some money and frustration along the road. Here are some things to consider BEFORE purchasing a Jeep lift kit:

View all 35 images View all 35 images I put the XJ axle under the YJ and placed the spring perches on the axletubes loosely. When I was satisfied with my side-to-side measurements, I used the YJ spring plates and U-bolts to secure the axle to the springs with the pinion perpendicular to the floor, but I didn't weld anything yet.

Jeep Tj 4 Inch Lift Kit

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