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Jack Daniels Pack Bottles

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Depending on the casks, it is bottled at 125 to 140 proof. It really packs a punch, and since it's derived from various barrels, each batch is unique. After the initial taste, add some ice to soften it down and unleash the deep oak, spice, and vanilla flavors contained inside this whiskey. For a taste of whiskey directly from the barrel, go for Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof. Another popular and consistent product from the Single Barrel Collection, this whiskey is powerful and smooth at the same time, bringing the brand's distinctive malty taste to an intriguing extreme.

Alternatives to Jack Daniels at Comparable Prices

If you like American whiskey but want to save a few dollars when purchasing a bottle for the home, Jim Beam Bourbon or Rye are wonderful cheaper options that will save you approximately 10 or 15 dollars per liter. If you want to step up the quality, Bulleit provides a Bourbon and a Rye for roughly $15 extra. Once you've determined which basic bourbon or rye you favor, you should consider purchasing a more expensive bottle of that distillery's Single Barrel or Small Batch. Whether it's Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Knob Creek, or Four Roses, start with the less costly bottle before moving on to the more expensive stuff.

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