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Inch Lifted Tundra

3 Inch Lifted Tundra

NOTE: ReadyLIFT believes that our goal is to produce a device that levels the vehicle. We determined that Toyota vehicles have a distinct pattern of being made and marketed with varied degrees of rear to front rake via ongoing study. Many Toyota vehicles do not seem to be the same height or rake as the identical stock truck parked next to it. According to our findings, there might be as much as 1.0 "rake and ride height differences between trucks TRD-equipped vehicles often have less rake than non-TRD pickups. Measurements on certain customers' vehicles indicated up to 1.0 "a difference in the factory front end

Hello everyone, this is my first post as a new member. Tundra raised recently using readylift 3"/2" spacer and block kit. At full throttle (parking places), I'm getting some slight tire rub "In the front wells, wrapped in Mastercraft Courser MXT 265/70/18. Any simple fixes for this issue that don't need welding in a curved bracket? I'm also having trouble achieving alignment, the alignment shop advised higher control arms, but I'm not sure what brands/types are recommended for such a lift??? Any assistance is much appreciated! Click to enlarge...

Free shipping offers are only available for Standard Ground Delivery Service and delivery addresses within the 48 contiguous United States. Unless otherwise specified, truck freight and oversize costs still apply, and orders may only be transported to the lower 48 states. Free Shipping deals do not apply to Rough Country goods. Free delivery does not apply to tires or wheel and tire kits. There will be an extra fee for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

I spent approximately two months trying to figure out what would work best for me. I live in Florida, and my requirements may vary significantly from yours. My setup was for a weekend camping/overlanding vehicle that did not need a shock with reservoir. I've got an ARB summit with a warning winch. The front end is hauling an additional 200-250 pounds. To accommodate for the extra weight, I purchased the ICON 2.5 coil overs and had @sdhq offroad modify the spring for a 700lb spring. SPC UCAs (from Amazon) and a diff kit were added. So far, I've put around $2k down. However, it provides me three "With an adjustable UCA and additional support for the hefty bumper. Now that I'm not doing any serious trail driving and am mostly traveling on the interstate, it operates well. I hope this helps you in your path!

8 Inch Lifted Tundra

4 Inch Lifted Tundra

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