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Inch Jeep Commander Lifted

6 Inch Jeep Commander Lift Kit

3 Inch Jeep Commander Lift Kit

With a 3" to 3.5" lift package (and other required components), you can tackle expert rock climbing while keeping a pleasant everyday driving experience. If you're not sure where to begin, contact our Jeep specialists to discover which lift kit is appropriate for your setup. Guaranteed lowest price. Most items qualify for free shipping.

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All-Inclusive: Fabtech has taken the care to include all of the required components and hardware that will make installing this kit using standard tools simple and painless. So there's nothing else to buy (except your choice of larger tires). Reuse Factory Springs and Shocks: With the provided shock extensions and spacers, the factory shocks and rear springs may be utilized with this Fabtech system.

Hello, I'm new here and just purchased a 2006 5.7 Jeep Commander. I rebuilt the floor and welded in two 2x6 steel beams to replace the rusted out rockers. Now I've purchased a Liberty 3inch raise kit and want to replace the factory coilsprings in the front and rear with Champion coilsprings, as well as changing the bushings and chucks. I was wondering whether I'd have to change anything else on the vehicle as a result of the lift I'm going to install. I don't want anything terrible to happen, and I'm a newbie, so I simply want to have a good time with it. The commander will not go rockcrawling or anything like that; I will only use it on tiny trails on occasion. Also, do you think I could put pizza cutter tires on it to keep it from rubbing, like 255 80 r17 | 235 80 r17? Please assist. (Please excuse my poor English.) Thanks

6 Inch Jeep Commander Lifted

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