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Hometown Season Episode 2

Homeland Season 2 Episode 12

It doesn't matter if the concept that the whole series has been building up to Nazir's ultimate plot, right down to his own death, is Skyfall-level ridiculous. When Brody's suicide tape aired on television, it was one of the most shocking scenes we'd seen thus far. I was afraid Carrie would truly go on the run with him, and that season three would be reduced to some monotonous Bonnie and Clyde adventure, so I'm delighted she came back (it would have been much better if she'd handed him in). However, it seems that she will spend season three directing the CIA while also attempting to clear her partner of a major crime. Quinn could become engaged now that he's following the Carrie Mathison Code of Conduct. Perhaps Saul will assist now that Mira has returned to dispel his cloud of gloom. And maybe annihilating half the cast with a gory huge bomb would help Homeland get its act together. Season two has been thrilling, stressful, aggravating, and silly all at the same time. Will you be tuning in for season three after that ending?

Huh. Yeah. So, certainly, Carrie finding everything out just to have the memories electroshocked out of her head is a little far-fetched. It allows us to begin Season 2 as close to where we left off as possible. It does, however, emphasize the idea that this is a program about people, not events, and regardless of whether explosives fail to explode, the show's appeal ultimately resides in these messed-up characters and their game of homeland-security cat-and-mouse. carries a refrigerator This week has been quiet, but after all that ECT, I'm hoping Maggie, Saul, or someone has packed it with some comfort foods.

Howard and Alex, it seems, decided to repeat that trend in Homeland's second season. It brings me no joy to write this, and to be honest, I shouldn't since who knows when I'll be asking those men for another trip to L.A., but Homeland has gone nearly straight downhill this year. Season one provided us with a serious thriller with two engaging main characters who fought their shortcomings as well as each other. Season two degenerated into melodrama after a good start, relying on clumsy narrative twists to achieve what genuine character growth couldn't. The flaws may not have been as obvious if season one hadn't finished on such a high note, and if Howard and Alex hadn't openly persisted on comparing their child to John le Carr's books. But it did, and so did they. The Emmys come second to pride.

Carrie continues her hunt for terrorist leader Abu Nazir while maintaining a complicated personal-professional relationship with Brody; Brody is forced to work more closely with the CIA; Jessica Brody struggles to keep her family together despite increasing difficulty connecting with her husband; and Saul uncovers a covert plot.

The First Episode: The Smile The second season begins. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a former CIA case officer, has found some serenity in her family's suburban embrace months after having Electroconvulsive Therapy. However, her progress toward mental wellness is jeopardized when an asset from her previous life arrives from the cold. Meanwhile, rookie Congressman Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) learns that Abu Nazir may be dissatisfied with his peaceful approach to influencing American foreign policy. Dana, Brody's daughter, divulges an important information. VIEW THIS EPISODE ONLINE

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