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Homeless Man Building Time Machine Reddit

Since July 24, a TikToker has shared several videos purporting to show proof of time travel. With over 21.7 million views, TikToker @comeatmebhais first and most viral video. allegedly depicts an unhoused man drawing what appear to be complex equations on street windows. Is a homeless man building a time machine? wonders the TikToker, who now has over 138,000 followers.

Is the once-and-future "King of Rock 'n' Roll" still alive? If that's the case, he'd look even sillier in a jumpsuit than he did in the 1970s. According to one theory about the original Home Alone, Presley was still alive and well in early 1990. He's allegedly seen standing behind Catherine O'Hara, who plays Kevin's mother Kate in the film. The alleged Elvis can be seen standing over her left shoulder, his face expressionless. He wears a tan jacket, a black turtleneck, and a dark beard.

Last year around Thanksgiving, I saw a music video. It was about an African-American homeless man who collected scraps of electronics and kept a journal. He turned out to be a scientist with a loving wife and son. He'd been looking into time travel. He tested a prototype on a fateful day, which cost him his family. The video alternates between his past and present. He discovers a breakthrough in his present to attempt a second time machine. The video concludes with the man entering his time machine and testing it. It leaves the viewer to believe what they want about the success of his attempt. Can anyone remember the song and artist?

There was a heat mark, similar to what you'd see on a hot pavement, but it was circular, like a vortex. So he decided to throw a sheet metal screw into the vortex to see what would happen. He claims it vanished for about a half-second before reappearing a few feet away a second later. He was only 21 years old and a student majoring in electricity at the time. Marcum is relatively intelligent when compared to his peers. Marcum apparently attempted to construct a time machine in order to obtain the winning lottery numbers from the future. He did, however, have one issue: he needed a lot of power to make it work.

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