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Homeless Man Building Time Machine Reddit

Instead of giving him a dollar, I went across the street and bought a hamburger, and guess what? He turned down the burger! Are you kidding me? Those meth heads are only interested in drugs, she would say. She used to do this on the busy intersection of Shields and Blackstone in Fresno, California. According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, Fresno has the most unsheltered homeless people in the entire state. According to the report, more than 94 percent of Fresno's chronically homeless are currently unsheltered.

I figured out why there is a full-fledged attack by uninformed losers. My video was uploaded to @reddit under the title This Guy Is An Asshole. https://t.co/Uql4t7mRPt August 11, 2013 opie radio (@OpieRadio) I'm simply amazed that I'm getting a sound thrashing from @reddit for a 7-year-old video!!! Did I enter a time machine? August 11, 2013 opie radio (@OpieRadio)

Someone joked that this had to be a trailer for a new Netflix original. Another user commented, "You lost me at the tik tokker code and portal." A third person commented, "This man really had us with the homeless man video." At the time of writing, the video had been viewed over 104,000 times after being shared five days prior.

5th advertisement The narrative continues below. Although this advertisement has not yet loaded, your article continues below. The article's content She claimed that the man routinely refused services and refused to go inside even the day before he died. This death, like any other, is tragic and underscores the need for more supportive housing options for people struggling with complex mental health and addiction issues, according to Scheuer. But I must disagree. Kent did not require his own residence; he clearly required mental health and/or addiction treatment. Given the additional $275 million spent by city shelter officials during COVID to ensure no one remains on the street and the city's repeated insistence that wrap-around services are provided at expensive hotel shelters, this death is a disgrace. Bokma dismissed the rights argument, stating that Kent had obvious mental health issues.

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