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Goku Super Saiyan 666

When it comes to battling, Goku is capable of devising inventive techniques. He was able to overcome opponents he was no match for at first on several occasions by using the proper techniques. Furthermore, Goku argues and demonstrates that tactics employed against him cannot be performed more than once since he can adapt to them and locate their weak places. Mimicry: Goku has the ability to immediately acquire techniques employed by other fighters after just viewing them once. He is well known for learning Master Roshi's Kamehameha (which took him 50 years to perfect), as well as Drunken Boxing and Afterimage Technique. He subsequently learnt King Chappa's Eight-Arm Fist and (in the Dragon Ball Super manga) could even wield a weaker version of Beerus' Hakai. Telepathy A method of communicating with people by utilizing one's intellect. Users may also read the thoughts of others with whom they converse, akin to telepathic eavesdropping. During his stay with King Kai, Goku honed this skill and taught himself how to read people's thoughts by laying his hand on their heads.

Super Saiyan (, Sp Saiya-jin), sometimes known as Super Saiyan 1 (, Sp Saiya-jin Wan), is a legendary transformation exclusive to the sixth and seventh worlds' Saiyans.

[3] It is the hallmark transformation of the Saiyans who have been transported to Earth (save for the newborns Pan and Bra), although it was reportedly originally awakened by Son Gok during his struggle against the wicked dictator Freeza. The Super Saiyan metamorphosis is distinct from the Great Monkey Transformation and the Super Saiyan God Transformation, both of which are exclusive to Saiyans. It has two additional higher transformations that are really extensions of itself and help bring forth its ultimate power. [6] It also leads to the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation line.

In Bojack Unbound, Goku urges Gohan to change into a Super Saiyan 2.

The Super Saiyan 2 form first appears in the film Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, as the Z Fighters battle Bojack and his minions. Gohan uses his Super Saiyan 2 abilities to fight Bojack and his minions after being freed from Bojack by Goku (who used Instant Transmission to travel from the Other World to Earth) and hearing his father's words of encouragement.

[] Appearance

The look of the Super Saiyan 6 is identical to that of a Super Saiyan 4, except that instead of Red Fur, the whole upper part is covered in Golden Fur, and the hair is golden like that of a Super Saiyan 3, with a shaded red patch beneath the eyes like that of a Super Saiyan 4.

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