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Far Cry The Missing Muse

Far Cry 6 The Missing Muse Key Location

After leaping over the cliff's edge and swimming downhill, you will finally come upon Rosa, a sunken boat that has been abandoned. A chest is positioned at the open end of the boat; the key you obtained before is necessary to access it. Unlocking the chest and gaining the gifts therein, finally discovering Rosa's backstory. Remember that sharks are a common resident of the Yaran coastlines. Combined with Danis unusual inability to hold their breath for extended periods, you may find yourself in conflict with the aquatic species. Jumping in, taking what you need, and exiting quickly is essential. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that guests will arrive.

Proceed to the end of the pier and up the steps to find another message. As you land, utilize the zipline to ascend the cliffs to the left. A second message is located around a tiny campfire. Before entering the water and swimming to the buoy, read it. These waterways are plagued with sharks. Before going for a swim, you may like to kill several sharks while sitting on the coast. You obtain a Dark Tech Mask.

Having difficulty completing the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6? Several Treasure Hunts on the island of Yara reward Far Cry 6 players with unique items if they can solve a challenge, but the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in particular has stumped many players. Once you discover out how to solve the problem, completing this task will uncover a highly valuable weapon, and the puzzle itself is quite basic. Here is the solution to the Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt. How to Initiate Courageous Action

FC6 Pelican Placements

Generally speaking, pelicans can be found in and around Yara. However, the greatest place to locate and feed these birds is in the La Joya region along the eastern coast of the Far Cry 6 map. Once you arrive, you will locate a pelican hunting site along the water. To maximize your chances of feeding these birds, you should go to this location.

Far Cry 6 The Missing Muse

Far Cry 6 The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

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