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Ccm Trigger Pro Release Date

Ccm Trigger 6 Pro Release Date

Ccm Trigger 7 Pro Release Date

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Bauer is expanding their hybrid kick point line with the release of a new Nexus stick said to be dubbed the "Sync" at the end of July. Nexus sticks are popular among both professional and amateur hockey players due to their adaptability, and we're certain that this one will be a success as well. It remains to be determined if these sticks will be compatible with the Ergo Spine seen on Nexus' most recent product, the Geo. Along with the Nexus, Bauer is planning to introduce a stick under a new line dubbed the AG5NT in October 2022, with very little details available so far. It is supposed to be a successor to the ever-popular BGP2B Vapor ADV stick. We all know Bauer likes to innovate and be innovative, as seen by the ADV and Sling stick, so stay tuned for further details on the AG5NT to see what Bauer has in store this time.

Ccm Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro Release Date

Only CCM's finest materials, such as Sigmatex Carbon Fiber and the NanoLite Carbon Layer technique, are used in Skeleton +. These two are essential for keeping the weight under 380 grams without sacrificing feel or power. Unlike the FT4 Pro and AS4 Pro, the Trigger 6 Pro has the most distinctive shaft measurements in CCM's lineup. The upper part of the shaft is concave on both sides for maximum top-hand comfort. For total lower-hand control, the center third features a flat front side and a concave backside. Finally, the bottom third has a convex front with a concave rear that works in tandem with the dialed-in low kick point to provide players with one of the most smooth, quick-releasing, and accurate shots in the game today.


Yes, ALL purchases sent outside of Canada are TAX FREE! The price shown is the amount you will pay! * (PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and customs costs are not included.) You are liable for any duty or brokerage costs imposed by your country.

PROMOTION OF CCM CUSTOM NAME BAR For $5, you may have your stick's name bar personalised exactly like the professionals! Simply add a personalized stick to your basket and enter the name and number you want! Please keep in mind that altering the name bar renders the stick non-returnable. Find out more here. The CCM RibCor Trigger 6 Stick is ideal for the expert shooter seeking top-tier performance, weight (412 grams in 85 flex), and a lethal rapid shot release. With its fine-tuned design, the Trigger 6 introduces innovative Skeleton+ Technology, which makes shooting even more dependable and consistent.

In addition to the E-Geometry shaft, the Trigger 6 Pro will include a new Skeleton+ shaft taper. This revised taper is a new manufacturing method that will improve the stick's dependability and endurance in this critical location. This will allow for more consistency and faster shot release at critical periods of the game. CCM uses a designed low kick with a gentle taper region and optimum vertical flex to help make the Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro one of the fastest release sticks. This kick point, along with their patented skeleton+ taper design, increases loading while generating that ultra-quick release.

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