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Can Am Defender Seater Lifted

A $400 commodity fee will be applied. DO IT ALL IF YOU WANT TO PLAY. You want to be productive. You want everything in the middle. You need a rolling legend. There is only one machine designed to make this happen. It's a real original, as adaptable as you are, refined via refining and redesign.

With an aftermarket suspension or raise package, you may rapidly improve your vehicle's handling skills, producing a smoother ride and allowing you to explore more difficult terrain than before. These aren't your average suspension links. We stock the highest quality UTV parts and accessories for your Can-Am Defender so you can enjoy your side by side to the fullest. They are branded by some of the most sought-after brands in the industry, such as High Lifter and Super ATV, and you get the clearance and handling you need as well as the aggressive look you want. Shop our extensive assortment of offroad accessories and components before heading out on the trail with your freshly personalized side by side.

I wished I could have hitched a trailer or piled some weight in the rear of the Defender I was driving, but that wasn't going to happen. Several miles of trails, dirt roads, and on-road driving in some of the hardest rain I can recall convinced me that this UTV has a place. Is the Can-Am Defender a worthwhile buy? To answer that question, consider the exact qualities you want from your future hunting outfit, whatever shape that may take. Most of us grew up having to choose between pickup trucks and four-wheelers. That is a simple choice since there is no overlap. UTVs like the Defender blur the border to the point that we have to think a bit harder.

Front Suspension: Curved dual A arms with sway blades / 10 inch (25.4 cm) travel Front Shock: Twin tube gas-charged shock Rear Suspension: TTA curved with external sway bar / 10 inch (25.4 cm) travel Rear Shock: Twin tube gas-charged shock Tires/Wheels ITP Cryptid 30 x 11 x 14 inch rear tire 14-inch wheels cast-aluminum

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