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Big Hero Professor Callaghan

Big Hero 6 Professor Callaghan Villains Wiki

Alan Tudyk, who previously portrayed Lenny in Ice Age, Turbo in Wreck-It Ralph, the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, Duke Weselton in Zootopia, Ludo in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Van Wayne in Powerless, Iago in Aladdin's 2019 live action version, and Elias Marcos in Justified, provided his voice. History

Television Program

Callaghan was referenced and acknowledged by name in "Baymax Returns," the animated series that followed the film. He first appeared physically in the episode "Mini-Max," when he is seen to be in solitary confinement inside a maximum security jail. Hiro pays a visit to Callaghan while looking for information about Professor Granville, one of Callaghan's old colleagues. Callaghan reveals that Granville quit after an accident on school grounds that was allegedly her fault. Callaghan praises Hiro for protecting Abigail before he leaves. Callaghan then apologizes for what happened to Tadashi and accepts full responsibility for his death with a sorrowful heart. Hiro is unable to forgive Callaghan, despite his sentiments.

Season one

Hiro seeks to return to civilian life by enrolling at SFIT, and Hiro is able to construct a new body for Baymax. When Hiro and his pals beat Yama's army of Baymaxes and understand the danger San Fransokyo is in, they resolve to return as superheroes. Unbeknownst to Big Hero 6, an unknown individual is interested in the superheroes.

Abigail Callaghan was Professor Robert Callaghan's daughter. She was hired by Krei Industries and became a member of the "Silent Sparrow" project. She reached another realm via a gateway created by Krei. However, Abigail never made it out since they were forced to close the gateway when it became too large. Robert, who had previously been with her, tried to assault Krei and instantly blamed him for his daughter's abduction. As a result, Abigail's father organized Krei's retaliation.

Big Hero 6 Professor Callaghan Daughter

Big Hero 6 Dr Callaghan

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