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Basilica De La Virgen Far Cry Kiste

100 XP as a reward Sergio (Comandante der Los Bandidos) The Yaran story "Verhandlungstricks" is the sequel to "Undercover-Hengst." She immediately follows with a few words from Gilberto. Visit him at the El-Agujero-Versteck in Concepcin and get all the pertinent information. This mission begins with Gilberto. Go to Radio Fernando's broadcasting station. The captured captain from the last mission will now be exchanged for Felicia, the "best spy in all of Yara." The marked point is located west of Concepcin and is easily accessible by Wingsuit from the Versteck Habanera. Fernando, the radio broadcaster, has designated a search area. You can discover several resources and even a blu-weie Libertad-Kiste (as well as the Geheimbotschaft IV for the collection), but the Plakate in the room with the enraged Capitn are crucial.

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To get the Basilica de la Virgen crate in Far Cry 6, you must fly. This Libertad crate may be found on top of one of the Basilica de la Virgen's towers, south of Savannah Fields in eastern Sierra Perdida. There are ladders going up to scaffolding and the roof, but there is no ladder or grapple point to bring you to the top of the tower, where the container resides. Hideout Filin has an Avispa Buzzer at this location (screenshot by Gamepur)

Once it is completed, you may go southeast to the closest Guerrilla Hideout. Hideaway Filin is the name of this hideout, and you must visit it in order to fast travel to it, which is better than walking to it. After arriving at the Hideout, you may get on a Buzzer and travel to Basilica De La Virgen. You may bail out once you're exactly over the church and then fall to the marker. If you don't have a marker, the crate is on the left side of the church, on a little balcony on top of the roof. The Basilica de la Virgen crate's location. (Image courtesy of Ubisoft)

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