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Anti Everything Town Hall War Base Best Defense 2020

Trophy Base: After receiving multiple requests for a TH12 trophy base with a centered Town Hall, here it is. It's not quite a ring-style basis, but it's the only method to create a solid base with a centered Town Hall these days. Farming Building: While this base is largely focused on safeguarding your Dark Elixir in the center of your base, surrounded by dead zones, the other storages are intelligently distributed across the base to minimize resource loss from every single assault.

SC makes your first trip to Masters and Champs difficult! Particularly when working with lower level T/H levels. You must choose your targets with considerable care! Anything that has even a slight risk of not receiving a star should be avoided. However, once you have the power in troops/spells and heroes that come with higher levels, you will battle harder to remain below Masters and Champs than you did to get there the first time!

This is a boxed design with spring-trapped entrances to various compartments. This is also a fantastic anti-dragon setup. Because of the various compartments, this map will be excellent for protecting against massive assaults. To keep some of the more dangerous monsters, such as dragons, from destroying your foundation, you'll need a strong air defense.

War Base: This war base is inspired by a design style that is very efficient against spamming assaults at higher Town Hall levels.

Trophy Base: the Town Hall is in the core, and you have smaller compartments surrounding it that will slow down soldiers and pull them away from the core, providing the finest defense for your Town Hall.

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