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6'S To 9'S Lyrics Deutsch

Although the popular Christmas carol "Silent Night" has been translated into several languages around the world (including French), it was originally written in German under the title Stille Nacht. It was just a poem until it became a song one Christmas night in Austria. If you already know the English version, try memorizing three of the most frequent verses in German. The Meaning of "Stille Nacht"

Do you remember when you were young?

You have the light of the sun.

Continue on, you crooked diamond.

Now you have a look in your eyes.

How dark is that Lcher up there?

Continue on, you crooked diamond.

You've been thrown into the crossfire.

Wast auf dem Stahlsturm geblasen zwischen Kindheit und Star-Ruhm?

Vorwrts, du ZielFr fernes Lachen, Vorwrts, du Fremder, du Legende, Du Mrtyrer, und leuchte

You need to look into the mystery.

You've been following the Mond.

Continue your journey, you crooked diamond.

Threatened by nighttime shadows and exposed in the light

Continue your journey, you crooked diamond.

No, you have not taken advantage of your welcome.

With more precision

You've been caught up in a steel storm.

Rasender, you are a Seer of Visions.

Du Maler, Du Pfeifer, Du Gefangener, und leuchte.

Nobody knows where you are.

How far or close

Continue your journey, you crooked diamond.

Shift a lot of unnecessary layers on there, and I'll meet you there.

Continue your journey, you crooked diamond.

And we will shiver in the shadow of the dead triumphs, and on the steel sturm.

Vorwrts, you child-knabe, you winner and loser

If you're looking for truth and closure, here is the place to be.

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