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Akumatized Miraculous Ladybug Season 6

Marinette has been overwhelmed since becoming the Miracle Box's new guardian. She no longer sees her friends, abandons Cat Noir, and misses all of her dates with Luka. Marinette has a secret, but she can't tell Luka that when she departs, she will transform into Ladybug and rescue Paris. Luka gets akumatized into Truth after being deeply saddened that Marinette does not trust him enough to divulge her secret. With the assistance of his sentimonster, Pharo, a gigantic eye capable of immobilizing individuals so Truth may strike them with his beam to speak the truth, he not only wishes to...

Oblivio Gave Fans 7 The Much-anticipated Ladybug/Cat Noir Kiss Ladybug and Cat Noir are hit with amnesia in the third season episode "Oblivio." Oblivio, an akumatized villain, has hit them with his weapon. Marinette and Adrien must piece together who they are from clues left around the building after their amazing time away.

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