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The program also considers the mobility choices of a possible gank champion. Champions with dashes, blinks, and jumps are significantly more difficult to lock down than ones that are immobile or sluggish. Mobile champions like Leblanc or Talon provide much less appealing opportunities than stationary champions like Varus or Kogmaw. Timers for the Jungle

Scruffy's tweet made it apparent that the League of Legends development team had three main aims in mind. The first was to boost pathing variation, followed by lowering kiting power and assisting novice players with the task of jungling. Riot has harmonised resistances across all camps in League of Legends to promote route variation. Each jungle creature now has 20 armor and magic resistance that scales with level, as well as modified health.

Right now, these are some of the top jungle clears in League of Legends!

One thing I did discover is that the most prevalent jungle routes tend to be . The first step is to clear the Blue Buff to Gromp to Wolves to Raptors to Red (and perhaps Krugs). This is the optimal clear for junglers who can clear rapidly in order to optimize their experience and get onto the map with Red Buff for ganks early.

Option three: Completely clear

This stage doesn't happen very often, but if you're still too low on health after taking Scuttle Crab, or if both your top and mid laners pushed insanely hard and look very difficult to gank, you can go back into your jungle and clear the rest of the camps before recalling or attempting your first gank.

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