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Rosanna Zanetti Esposa De David Bisbal

Rosanna Zanetti responded one by one to all of her followers' questions, sometimes alone and sometimes with her husband. As we discovered, the marriage does not exclude out giving a brother to the little Matteo, who has just completed an aito. It's possible that another or more... The model contested what God wanted at the time. We also learned why they chose the name Matteo for their son, which means "God's gift." After going through a lot of ups and downs throughout the pregnancy, the meaning of the name appeals to us, explains Rosanna, referring to the risk of abortion she faces. When a fan inquired if David assisted with child care, the model took a more vindicative stance. It cannot be seen or proposed as a "help," but rather as a joint responsibility of both parents. Rosanna was the one who gave her the first bao and changed her first paal.

Following the end of his relationship with Tablada, David begins seeing Raquel Jimnez, a Spanish model. Both seem to be at their peak, and their relationship appears to be solid. After almost a year of marriage, the couple found themselves in a predicament. Jimnez was overshadowed by her supporters, and it seemed like Bisbal did not value his girlfriend's relationship with his ex-wife and son's father. The couple decided to take a break at the beginning of 2013. Raquel Jimnez was described by Bisbal's family as "the great love of his life." Terceros

According to a document published by attorney Marcela Reiga Vales, Doa Elena has not made any public or social media statements on the alleged slander caused by a post by her daughter on a third party's social media profile. False news about pre-existing agreements, enfrentamientos, and so forth have emerged into public view.

During the same week, the two collected images of themselves doing submarinism. It's one of his favorite things, and it seems like he's showing it to Rosanna, the girl who stole the gusanillo. The joy of life stems from our encounters with new experiences. Rosanna writes in the photo of herself at the ocean's depths. After that, he included a picture of two dogs, one of which, the black one, looks suspiciously like Bisbal, Nala. Rosanna is quite well accompanied on her walk. Will you be David? Very well accompanied on our journey! #amorperruno Rosanna Zanetti (@rosannazanetti) shared a photo on March 13, 2016 at 1:26 p.m. PDT.

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