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Nokia Short Squeeze Reddit

Over the last year, Nokia stock has fluctuated between $3.21 and $9.79. The jump to over $10 occurred in February during the first meme stock squeeze, and it was very temporary. Nokia has a history of growing slowly. When technical traders seem to be pushing the stock excessively rapidly, the stock normally corrects quickly. With that in mind, Nokia stock seems to be a smart purchase at $5.

In the Press "A ShortSqueeze.com membership gives you access to a spreadsheet jam-packed with data... fascinating and helpful..." - The Barron's "...short sellers, not financial outcomes, are pushing up the price of Air T's stock. According to ShortSqueeze.com, more over half of the shares were sold short last month." - Bloomberg / Yahoo! Finance "One reason some analysts see a high level of short interest as a positive indication is the probability of a short squeeze. According to ShortSqueeze.com, short interest is the gasoline, while performance is the fuse. " - The New York Times "...as reported by ShortSqueeze.com. Any positive news from Martha Stewart Living might spark a rush of short sellers looking to acquire shares and reduce their losses, driving up the price." CNBC and MSN Money

Potential conflict of interest

According to Section 85 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), Apaton Finance GmbH, as well as its partners, authors, or employees (hereinafter referred to as "Relevant Persons"), may in the future hold shares or other financial instruments of the mentioned companies, or will bet on rising or falling prices, and thus a conflict of interest may arise in the future. In the future, a conflict of interest may occur. The Relevant Persons may reserve the business's shares or other financial instruments at any time (hence referred to as the company at any time) (hereinafter referred to as a "Transaction"). "Transaction"). Transactions may impact the price of the Company's shares or other financial instruments in certain situations.

Stock projection for NOK

Nokia, like BlackBerry (NYSE:BB), has its own legs to stand on after the r/WallStreetBets surge is over, since the company is still a worldwide leader in telecom services. Nokia, for one, is already attempting to separate itself from the movement, declaring publicly that they are not aware of any substantial, concealed business developments or material change.

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