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M K Muthu Family Tree

His most significant film was Parasakthi,[154] which promoted the beliefs of the Dravidian movement while also introducing two important actors of Tamil filmdom, Sivaji Ganesan and S. S. Rajendran. [155] The film was originally hampered by controversy and censorship issues, but it was finally released in 1952. [155] is becoming a major box office success. Traditional Hindus disliked the film because it had themes that criticized Hinduism. [156] The novel condemned Tamil Nadu's enormous socioeconomic inequality, India's power disparity between the South and the North, and the moral degeneration of the Hindu priestly caste. Upper caste Hindus attempted to have the film banned. [11] Panam (1952), directed by famed comedian and political activist N. S. Krishnan, and Thangarathnam (1960), produced and played by S. S. Rajendran, another notable actor and DMK politician, were two more films written by Karunanidhi that featured comparable themes. [154] Themes in these films included widow remarriage, the removal of untouchability, self-respect marriages, the abolition of zamindari, and the elimination of religious hypocrisy. [155] Manohara (1954), starring Sivaji Ganesan, S. S. Rajendran, and P. Kannamba, was another notable successful movie famed for its snappy language.

Murasoli Maran, Karunanidhi's nephew and his sister's son, was a Union Minister in three distinct central administrations, in charge of Urban Development in the V.P. Singh ministry, Industry in the Gowda and Gujral governments, and lastly Commerce and Industry under Vajpayee. His sons Kalanithi and Dayanidhi Maran succeeded him.


NMGR was born in Nawalapitiya, near Kandy, British Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), to Keralite Nair immigrant parents Gopala Menon and Maruthur Satyabhama. (Because Nairs are generally matrilineal, he shares the surname "Maruthur" with his matrilineal relatives.) His family was originally from Vadavannur, Palakkad, Kerala, but his father came to Ceylon with his family. [1][2]

Karunanidhi's family tree stands proudly in its fourth generation currently. Arivunithi, Dayanidhi Azhagiri, Udhayanidhi Stalin, and Arulnithi are all members of the Tamil film industry. Apart from his own offspring, the former Tamil Nadu chief minister's grand nephew Kalanithi Maran has considerable power. Kalanithi Maran controls the Sun Network, India's second biggest television network.

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