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Lauria Bible And Ashley Freeman Reddit

Authorities decided that the fire was started intentionally, with an accelerant discovered near the home's wood-burning stove. Ashley's mother was discovered with a gunshot wound in the back of her skull on the floor near the waterbed. Her father's body was never located, and investigators accused him of killing his wife and escaping with the daughters that night.

Ronnie Dean Busick, 66, was arrested and charged with four charges of first-degree murder, two crimes of abduction, and one act of arson, according to PEOPLE. Warren Phillip Phil Welch II and David Pennington, the other two persons suspected of the crimes, have both died. ronnie-busick-1-2000 Busick, Ronnie Dean | Photographer: FOX23 News

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were Oklahoma adolescents. They had attended elementary school together. Despite attending separate secondary schools, they remained close friends. They were at Ashley's residence in Welch on December 30, 1999. Ashley's parents were discovered dead when a fire broke out in their house. Lauria and Ashley, on the other hand, were never seen again. Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Find-Lauria-Bible-211300375881207/?ref=br rs Charley Project Case: http://charleyproject.org/case/lauria-jaylene-bible http://charleyproject.org/case/ashley-renae-freeman Page Unsolved Mysteries: http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman Project NAMUS: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/5849/0/ Jason: https://projectjason.org/forums/topic/941-assumed-deceased-lauria-jaylene-bibleashley-freeman-ok-12301999/ https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/6083/2/ Please call the FBI at (405) 290-7770 if you have any information on the disappearances of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman. Alternatively, call the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 800 522-8017. The Unfound Podcast Discussion Group on Facebook Twitter: @unfoundpodcast Instagram: @unfoundpodcast Unfound Podcast channel on YouTube Email: unfoundpodcast@gmail.com Subscriptions are available via Podomatic, iTunes, and Stitcher. Unfound is also available on TuneInRadio and Google Play. Also, please make sure to mention Unfound on Websleuths, Reddit, Podcasts We Listen To, True Crime Podcasts, and any other true crime websites or forums. Learn more about your advertising options. Visit megaphone.fm/adoptions.

I HATE revealing this, but I'm not sure if a family member is on WS?

We haven't discussed this publicly yet, but the moment has come. Lorene Bible is in critical condition. She is in the fourth stage of liver failure. We've been bringing her to various doctors in addition to everything else that's been going on. She really needs a liver transplant. We've completed all of the necessary measures, and she's now on the transplant list. So we sit and wait. If this existence has taught us anything, it is to be patient. So here we are, with the BBI as our backbone, waiting once again.

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