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Jay Z Cheated On Beyonce Reddit

I just handed the DM a few coins and he read it swiftly. It doesn't seem to be recent....it appears like they went through a procedure. We only know what they release after the fact. So, based on what we know, she may still seem to be in pain, but that's old music and old news for both of them. It's not like the adultery happened yesterday; that confrontation with Solange was 3.5 years ago....who knows how long before that. Having said that, both Jay and Beyonce know how to milk stories about them...he stated they even collaborated on collaborative songs about his straying, so all of these interviews, her still looking heartbroken, and so on might simply be set up for album sales.

And the lyrics say something like this: "I could have messed with Jay, but I have respect for Beyoncé." We were on the same commercial set, see, I was sitting alone, and he sat next to me, I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me, Excuse me Miss, do me a favor, put your number on this piece of paper, When Jay get settled, and hell call you later, I know most chicks would have taken the bait, but then those chicks are the ones I hate

But he'd make the same error later, when Beyonc was on tour and the two were considerably older. Looking back, he appears to believe he shouldn't have been shocked when Beyonc started pushing him out of her life for reasons other than her celebrity. Related: How Does Beyonc Spend Her $500 Million Windfall?

He went on, "Now we start having these great discussions and just really getting to know one other." We had always been excellent friends, but now we were extremely good friends. And we were just chatting as friends. She then revealed that she was in love. She is free to be herself (now). She doesn't have to conceal for her children or worry about humiliating them.

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