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A day after Corderos died, professional dancer Kloots posted a heartfelt slideshow of their family, titled Silver Linings. I've always been fortunate to have a family that enjoys spending time together and supporting one another, she captioned the video at the time. I'm even more fortunate to share Nick's family and extended relatives.

David has been with MidMountain for almost 12 years, first as a foreman and now as a heavy equipment operator. He has been a member of Local 302 Operating Engineers for 22 years. David is a proud United States Army veteran. He lives in Marysville with his wife Kristy and their stepson Landon. He is a diligent, hardworking, extremely knowledgeable jack of all crafts with a quick wit and a love of joking about. He'd been suffering from a migraine and other symptoms for a few days before going to the ER on Thursday, June 30th, when a CT scan and MRI revealed that he'd had a stroke. He is still resting and recovering at home after spending six days in the intensive care unit. Any financial assistance for his medical costs would be highly appreciated.

'Our heartfelt sympathies to you and your family at this very sad time,' the pair wrote accompanying the contribution. Harry and Effie Michaels are photographed with their daughter Natalie. On Monday, it was disclosed that a private memorial ceremony for the TV personality would be conducted in Sydney on Wednesday.

Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse and the primary plaintiff in a lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital, claimed her director contacted to inquire whether she'd obtained the vaccination or made any attempt to get it. She said that when she answered "absolutely not," she was informed she had been fired. Bridges launched a GoFundMe effort to support the legal fees associated with contesting the firing. The campaign earned more than $180,000 before the page was removed entirely, blaming "misinformation."

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