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As shares of GameStop (GME) decline today, Reddit's Bastille Day forecast falls short. Many Reddit traders and investors had marked July 14, 2021 as the day when meme stocks will skyrocket. Today, that prognosis has regrettably fallen flat on its face. The GameStop meme revolution is now in its seventh month, but things are getting strange. Even by Reddit standards, this week's tinfoil hat speculations had some traders scratching their heads. The most recent Reddit find featured discussion about July 14, 2021. Yes, it's French Independence Day. Many Redditors have referred to today, also known as Bastille Day, as the next likely meme stock trigger. Some AMC and GME investors had hoped that today would be the day that their favorite stock would finally skyrocket. Other GameStop bulls speculated that the corporation will make a cryptocurrency announcement today. As of today's market closing, all of those speculations have been proved false.

As Gamestop's stock failed to keep pace with the larger stocks market, former CEO of pet food e-retailer Chewy Inc. (NYSE: CHWY) and generic venture capital type man Ryan Cohen began buying shares, eventually owning 12.9 percent of Gamestop. In November, he launched what is known as an activist investor campaign, in which an investor purchases a large position in a firm and then makes a nuisance of themselves by publicly criticizing management's competence and campaigning for control of the board of directors. Sometimes the activist investor takes his battle for his fellow shareholders' hearts and minds all the way to a proxy war at the annual general meeting, but Gamestop didn't put up much of a fight. Cohen was appointed to three board seats on January 11th by a board of directors that seemed to have no idea what it was doing in the first place and was content to delegate responsibility to someone who appeared to care.

Everyone, please GM. Sorry for the late post; I've just returned from vacation and have two weeks' worth of emails to get through. What a week it has been. To be honest, I have no clue what to think about this week. If there had been no split, I would have bet everything that we would have bled for another week before starting to rise/hold steady as we approached opex. Now.....fuck. I'm unable to read it at all.

According to researchers Ryan Wood and Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky in the Journal of Behavioral Finance, these investors had the highest rating for customization of loss while still having high risk ratings. In other words, this group enjoys taking chances but suffers greatly when they lose money. However, the system seems to be rigged.

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