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Destiny Exotics Reddit

What is uncertain is whether or if any nerfs to these two will also influence PvE, since Renewal Grasps is powerful but not broken, and Hunters desperately need some endgame PvE aid as it is. However, the initial Loreley Splendor nerf did alter that exotic in PvE, so there is grounds for worry. Another uncertainty is Bungie's intentions for sunspots when Solar 3.0 is released, which might be as soon as next season or as late as the season after that. So, whatever happens to Loreley, it's possible that we're not seeing the complete picture of what's to come. That exotic seems like it might require a basic design overhaul, since this many modifications in practically its first month, plus the large divide between utility in PvP and PvE, is not ideal.

Infinity Pocket Bungie has often discussed how Pocket Infinity continued to damage the game in a number of ways, since it was effectively the Telesto of Destiny 1. Bungie is unlikely to resurrect it and risk having two Telestos on its hands. Meteor Zen Oh, remember, the PS4 exclusive sniper I never received. Was this well received? I'm not sure.

Exotic Stasis weapons are similarly underperforming in Destiny 2, with Salvation's Grip being employed only for the shards of Darkness on Europa and the Beyond Light plotline, and the Cryosthesia 77K having a strong idea but poor implementation. Overall, there's a lot Bungie could do here, and players should contribute input to make some of these Exotics worth working for again, or at least use them instead of taking up Vault space. Nonetheless, dmg04's response demonstrates that Bungie is paying attention. Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

I've been playing Destiny for a little over two years now, and all I can say is that most exotics seem mediocre in my view. I say this because almost all of the year one heavies seem to have been forgotten. Furthermore, after a time of playing, most exotics become novelty items. Armor exotics are OK, but I don't understand why you'd want to use main exotics. They either feel weaker than their legendary counterparts, or they fall somewhere in the middle when utilized alone. Of course, this does not apply to everybody since there are exceptions, and everything is entirely subjective in my view.

Destiny 2 Best Pve Exotics Reddit

Agers Scepter is a main exotic that shoots a Stasis-flavored trace rifle beam that does tremendous sustained single-target damage as long as the reticle is directed at your attacker. The nice thing about Agers Scepter is that final blows produce a slowing burst surrounding the vanquished opponent, intensifying and combining with any other Stasis effects that your build or allies may be causing. When you unlock and use the Catalyst, you may drain Super energy to add more damage and Stasis effects. Xenophage

Hunter Helmet Wormhusk Crown

The Wormhusk Crown has been reintroduced by Xur. This exotic Hunter gear was formerly a popular choice, particularly because it was given to players who completed the Warmind expansion campaign. Burning Souls provides players a minor health and shield boost when they dodge.

The Glaive's core features make it handy in a variety of situations, whether it's rezzing allies behind the protection of its shield or fast meleeing a swarm of foes before firing an explosive round across distance without breaking stride. Seasonal modifications are available from launch, making it even more powerful. Suppressing Glaive is an essential, since it applies the Suppress status effect to anybody you shot or melee, preventing them from firing weapons or using abilities. Given that we often encounter Lucent Hive Guardians, the ability to deactivate their Super for the expense of a free melee strike is really useful. Gjallarhorn 5 (Solar Rocket Launcher)

Bungie provided the image.

Heritage is a Pinpoint Slug Shotgun that debuted in Season 12. This weapon has a beautiful black and white design that looks attractive. It is also a legendary shotgun that utilizes unique ammunition and inflicts kinetic harm on opponents. Heritage is a great selection for both PvP and PvE content in Destiny 2's current meta.

Destiny 2 Best Hunter Exotics Reddit

It's difficult to justify a lack of inventiveness when a simple mechanism may make the Exotic bonus meaningless. Given that this perk was initially designed to enable speedier Bow draw speeds before Bungie completely deleted the effect, it's little wonder that Oathkeepers are seldom utilized. It's a pity that Exotics like this are neglected, accumulating dust in player Vaults rather than given a chance to shine. Celestial Nighthawk Upgrade

While this Exotic may be used in PvP, its use is minimal at best. Enemies may still see you when invisible, and it does not conceal you from enemy radar while double leaping or sprinting. Getting the Exotic perk of this helmet to trigger is very hazardous unless you have some form of ranged melee attack. Most gamers would be better off with something else. Advantages and disadvantages It is applicable to any subclass.

Salvation's Grip is the first genuine utility Exotic in Destiny 2. This weapon, unlike Traveler's Chosen, is worthless when used as a standard Grenade Launcher. This weapon is particularly designed to generate Stasis crystals. Because of specific Stasis Aspects and Fragments, these crystals may be managed to freeze enemies, unleash massive explosions, provide cover in unusual areas, and even award ability energy. When considered as a DPS weapon, it is undoubtedly the poorest Exotic in the game, but its usefulness can be built-enabling inside PvE. Because Heavy ammunition is scarce in PvP and Gambit, this weapon's use in those activities is limited at best. Those that can accept this weapon's specialty will have a lot of success with Salvation's Grip; otherwise, it's a waste of an Exotic slot.

Some of Destiny 2's PvE content may be downright harsh. If you play a Hunter, here are several builds that are ideal for challenging material. Guardians may now partake in a variety of new activities in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Europa's narrative, as well as the Deep Stone Crypt, have enticed players to abandon the Crucible in favor of greater PVE. With hundreds of new weapons and armor, players must accomplish all of the new quests before losing the opportunity to get god-tier gear during the current season.

Destiny 2 Exotics Reddit

While we have many of resources for knowledge and highly suggest Googling or joining our Discord server before asking, specific inquiry postings are acceptable. Please modify your post to the Question / Answered flair after your question has been answered. Questions that are duplicates or have well-known/simple answers will be deleted. PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF YOU SHOULD BUY AN EXPANSION OR RE-ENTER THE GAME. Do your own research, or just check it out (the main game is free!) to see whether it's something you'd be interested in. It is up to you, not the community, to decide if something is exactly something YOU should do or not. If you still have particular questions, please post them in our Discord server's destiny-questions channel. Discussion about the Game While r/DestinytheGame is often the centre for more in-depth Destiny 2 debate, we actively encourage such postings here as well. Critiques of the game are always welcome, as long as they are not self-serving rants. We highly support sparking all types of debate, as long as it is maintained peaceful at all times.

Bastion is the game's sole Kinetic fusion rifle, which means it can be combined with some of Destiny's most potent Energy weapons. Bastion, like a standard fusion, requires charging, but it shoots in incredibly precise bursts, allowing you to destroy adversaries from afar. Bastion, like Last Word, takes some getting accustomed to. Bastion, on the other hand, can do some real work in the Crucible in the hands of an expert.

There are only two methods to get this weapon, since it cannot be obtained via an exotic quest or any other task. Instead, you must purchase this exotic from Xur when it becomes available, or you may concentrate on your exotic engrams to get this exotic gauntlet.

The Aeon Cult had a kind of mini-rework at the start of Season of the Chosen that significantly increased their overall viability, particularly in Nightfall activities. The issue is that these Exotics were so lackluster when they initially came out that even with the boost, few people are utilizing them, or they are unaware of the update. Here's a description of the backdrop behind the overhaul, as well as why these Exotics may become the go-to for Nightfalls. The Aeon Cult Exotic armor components were launched in late 2017 as part of the Curse of Osiris expansion and were practically dead on arrival. These Exotics found little usage in the community and were the brunt of several jokes about how dull and specialized they were.

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