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David Gilmour Msg Tickets

And what about Grace Jones, whose Slave to the Rhythm you performed on? Grace Jones was never someone I met. Trevor Horn contacted me, and I went down to their studio SARM East to set up my equipment, with Steve Lipson and Trevor Horn there. Trevor got bad food illness and was vomiting every three minutes while laying on the floor attempting to make a record and spitting up into a trashcan! I believe they largely sampled what I did into a Synclavier and attempted to make sense of it afterwards since he was too unwell at the time.

Roger Waters Performs Live

But Roger Waters doesn't only write music and words; he also puts on live shows that rival his literary prowess. This author has seen several of his performances and can attest that they are among the finest live shows ever seen anywhere on the planet.

In the future, mementos, images, presale concert tickets, RoIOs, set lists, and other items will be added to the database, so stay tuned. You can also post comments on David Gilmour and other concerts! If you need directions or transportation information for this venue/concert, Google Maps and the official venue website are both useful options. Other concerts based on venue, city, or country may be found by clicking the buttons below.

It should come as no surprise that increased ticket demand has resulted in more performances. After all, the last time Gilmour performed on this side of the Atlantic was in 2006, on a similarly limited trip that included stops in New York, Toronto, Chicago, and Oakland, as well as engagements in Hollywood and Universal City. Plaza San Marcos in Venice, Italy, photographed by AP.

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