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He stated that a reading of Brainerd had led him to a period of prayer for the spread of Christ's kingdom, and that I could be sent to the impoverished heathen. Aspiring missionaries either wished to or immediately discovered that they were required to integrate Brainerd teachings into their applications. In his written application to the LMS, William Miller said that he wished [Brainerd's] fervent love and compassion for individuals who were uninformed and distant from God, as well as Brainerd's exquisite sensitivity of conscience and profound abhorrence of sin. Similarly, BMS missionary John Chamberlain said, "I want to be like [Brainerd]." Surely, if I ever make it to the celestial realm, I will be glad to meet him.

I may go check it out to learn more about Skinwalker Ranch. For my part, I'm hoping Skinwalker Ranch has a long enough run that almost every First Nations person in the region may appear as a "expert" and make some TV money off of these gullible twits.

The following is an extract from the article The Edgar Cayce Predictions:

Cayce foretold that the so-called Battle of Armageddon, as represented in the Bible figuratively, will commence in 1999. Cayce predicted that this fight would not be waged on Earth. For 1000 years on Earth, there will be a spiritual battle between the higher forces of light and the lower forces of evil. The goal of this conflict is to prevent souls from lesser afterlife worlds from reincarnating on Earth. Only enlightened souls will be allowed to reincarnate by prohibiting souls from the lower afterlife regions from reincarnating to Earth. As a consequence, 1000 years will be spent establishing a world of peace and wisdom. Souls from lesser afterlife worlds will be allowed to reincarnate on Earth after 1000 years. The so-called kingdom of heaven will have been established on Earth by this time.

Anderson keeps frequent communication with the Spectre throughout Shepard's travels across the galaxy in order to keep him up to speed on the newest developments and to keep him informed of the situation on Earth. According to scientists, it will take at least a decade for the Moissonneurs to wet the plant of human origin. Anderson documents Kahlee's connection with Jon Grissom after their journey together. This file ultimately finds its way into the hands of the extreme group Cerberus. Dr. Jiro Toshiwa, who is dating Kahlee in 2183, reads it and subsequently discusses her paternity with her, however Kahlee later regrets she never informed Jiro about her father. Jiro is finally apprehended and exposed as a result of this. When Kahlee, Hendel Mitra, Paul Grayson, and his daughter Gillian are on the run from Cerberus, she mentions Anderson. Hendel rejects the suggestion, afraid that Cerberus would intercept any letter intended for Anderson before it reaches him.

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