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Not only is intelligent advertising necessary for your survival, but it is exceptionally challenging on Reddit. If you don't want to wind up on the banned domains list, you must follow the guidelines. There is one crucial guideline to follow according to Reddiquette, Reddit's informal rulebook: don't be a spammer. In terms of posting material, this phrase from the official Redditquette page states it best:

They are the only details we have for goods that are presently out of stock. We can't say how accurate an ETA is since it's issued by a manufacturer or supplier. Pre-orders are completed in the order in which they are received, beginning with the first warehouse that receives inventory, regardless of geographical location. To receive shipments from us, you do not need to reside in the same state as the warehouse. independent of geographical location, from the first warehouse that receives inventory To receive shipments from us, you do not need to reside in the same state as the warehouse. Due to the enormous number of pre-orders we handle, we cannot tell you your position in line over the phone or by e-mail for any pre-ordered item. When you made your order, your starting position in line for an out-of-stock item was one higher than the total number of pre-orders listed in availability.

Furthermore, with more investment going into EVs this year and beyond, BB stock might be a good bargain purchase. Aside from Reddit traders, if you have faith in the collaboration with Amazon and feel the firm has a lot to offer in the EV area, BB stock might be a multibagger in the making. [Learn More] What Are the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now? 4 Industrial Stocks to Keep an Eye On

I knew rumors of the Non OC TUF variant being discontinued had been circulating for the past two weeks, so this wasn't entirely unexpected. It just fucking sucks to be told I wasted my time and effort waiting on this Pre-Order, especially after passing up other opportunities to buy an RTX 3080 for the past two months.

And now that MSRPs have been upped across the board (and the Non OC TUF has been terminated out of sheer greed), it's a double stomach blow.

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