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Booster Shot Reactions Reddit

Update: At 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, I received my full dosage booster injection. Around 11 a.m., fatigue set in, and the arm ache became more obvious around 1 p.m. I started feeling sick and dizzy at 2 a.m. The discomfort gradually became more intense, to the point of restricting my arm's usage. The nausea, dizziness, and weariness persisted, and I developed a headache around night. I was pleasantly pleased that there was no fever or chills when I got up, but the weariness and nausea were a bit difficult but not unbearable- I did sleep in as late as possible hehe. The arm discomfort was still severe, but it didn't prevent me from getting through the day. I was able to go to work and function- if I had the day off, I would have gladly slept longer, but going to work wasn't too bad. So far, the side effects of this booster are far more manageable for me than they were for my second dosage. It's been almost 30 hours since my immunization, so perhaps this is the worst of the symptoms!

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson boosters will have the same dose as the original vaccination, while Modernas will include a half dose (50 micrograms).

Some patients are already concerned about the potential adverse effects of a booster injection, particularly after suffering exhaustion, muscular discomfort, and fever after the early dosage.

It gave me hope that my immune system was functioning properly...

Scott Jelinek, a 33-year-old doctor in Philadelphia, has been seeing patients afflicted with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and wanted to be as protected as possible to avoid becoming ill and transmitting the illness to others. Jelinek received his first Pfizer dosage in December 2020 and was keeping a watch on research that indicate antibody levels decline over time.

Less than 10% of v-safe participants reported being unable to work after a booster. Missed school or work were more prevalent among persons who switched to Moderna's boost following Pfizer's vaccination, since the former has a higher-dose vaccine with more severe side effects, which may be connected to somewhat greater immune protection, according to preliminary research. 'Hopefully,' booster doses will deliver better and longer-lasting protection.

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