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Booster Shot Headache Reddit

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Alex Ossola, who had her first dosage of the vaccine shortly after it became available in February, told TODAY, "J&J knocked me out." "I suffered a high temperature, teeth chattering, and other ludicrous side effects." Her booster dose, the Moderna mRNA vaccine, was considerably gentler. "It was like nothing," she remarked, adding that she felt perfectly normal within 48 hours. Making things even more complicated, some patients may get their flu vaccination at the same time as the booster. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is a fully safe and easy option to have both injections in the same session. However, if you do encounter adverse effects, it will be impossible to determine which vaccination is to blame.

According to another observer, "I scheduled an appointment for the Pfizer vaccination the following week. My sister, on the other hand, got an email from a friend claiming that the Pfizer vaccination might induce heart failure and rapid death. Should I instead get the Moderna vaccine?" I'm not sure where your sister's friend received this information, but it's false. In reality, the CDC recently declared that no severe safety issues have been detected with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations. I would not hesitate to purchase either.

Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA vaccines encourage the body to create a harmless viral protein and then build antibodies against it. Because our bodies are being exposed to the instructions and the generated protein for the first time, the initial dosage of these vaccinations often has the mildest adverse effects. By the second and third doses, our systems have trained to detect that protein rapidly and are prepared to assault it. As a result, adverse effects are often more severe. (However, if you've already taken COVID-19, your first dosage may cause more severe side effects than your second or third, according to one preprint.)

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