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Speculation and investment should not be confused. Setting a goal, determining how much risk to take on and the best route to achieve that objective, and then constructing a well-diversified portfolio to attempt to achieve that goal are all part of investing. Speculating involves placing money into a few companies, commodities, or a new technology in the hopes of making a rapid profit, or, worse, betting large on a single opportunity. The advisers with whom I work understand this and communicate it to their customers. Investing is the execution of a long-term plan to achieve a certain objective, not the act of making extremely short-term bets.

I can guarantee you that no political party is operating in your best interests, and no one in the conspiratorial elite/politicians is concerned about your success. Our cherished capitalism is being replaced by neo-communism, which will not end well for any of us. After the projected events materialize, BlackRock will become our most ferocious adversaries, and it would be prudent to begin studying and mastering its skills now, before it is too late. Also very fascinating...

BlackRock is buying up properties in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a number of corporations, including BlackRock. They warn that yield-seeking speculators are scooping up single-family houses, competing with regular Americans and pushing up prices. Why would institutional investors including BlackRock, which controls $5.7 trillion in assets, be interested in overpaying for modest single-family homes?

The Fed, for example, is likely to stifle the resumption of economic activity - and will only alter direction once the harm is obvious. This is causing severe macro and market volatility, as well as short economic cycles. Equities would suffer if rate rises triggered a recession. Bond prices would decline if authorities tolerated greater inflation. In any case, we think the macro backdrop is no longer favourable to a lengthy bull market in both equities and bonds. We anticipate increasing risk premia across the board, and believe portfolio allocations will need to become more granular and agile.

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