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When Does Adderall Xr Peak Reddit

I'm a 16 year old man that takes 1 dosage of 25mg a day. I'm not new to Adderall or anything, I'm just curious how everyone else reacts. Isn't it meant to be approximately 12 hours? When do you feel it peaks? Because I'm not sure whether I can tell. I know it works, however.

Around hour 5.5 (while I was in the midst of presenting a session) I noticed a substantial roll off. As in, literally, throughout the 2nd half of class I was definitely less attentive and began rambling more and getting stuck on issues in the manner that I have been known to do in my typical condition. At 7.5 hours in, I maybe feel a bit calmer than usual, but otherwise I'm virtually back to "normal."

^Exactly. The acidic food and drink vs. basic food and drink or antacids makes a major impact with XR amphetamines and IR amphetamines alike, not only Adderall. The XR mechanism is very unexpected when you look at it in the broad scheme of things, which probably had something to do with the study that lead Shire to Vyvanse...well, that and the desire to have a stranglehold on the next latest-and-greatest ADHD/ADD medicine market.

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