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What Is The Value Of K K = K = K = K = 42

I only now discovered this important topic, thanks to another GRE Prep Club member, after it went unnoticed for almost a year. I'm now ratcheting it up a notch - doing my job. I believe you will find it useful (esp those replies with Kudos). Do you want to see all of the other topics I've discovered? Please stick with me (click follow button on profile). In your profile area, as well as by email, you will receive a summary of any issues I stumble into.

Since K c is being used, check to see if the numbers are stated in moles per liter (molarity). They are in this case. Make an ICE chart for each species in the reaction that shows the initial concentration, the change in concentration, and the equilibrium concentration. The graphic can be used to calculate the changes in each species' concentrations as well as the equilibrium concentrations. We'll start with the following data from the example.

Try our free GRE Signature Test Online. Continue reading (42.42 = k(14 + m/50) or (4242 = 100) are the two options.

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