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What Does Omicron Feel Like Reddit

Advertisement It's been difficult to tell a patient with a new, distressing diagnosis. A major disease is sad and worrisome, yet it may be confronted with determination to fight. Newly diagnosed patients often assume that chemotherapy, surgery, or medication may assist, if not cure them. Their rage and anguish are matched by their drive. They have faith.

Only half of the 171 persons in the current symptom data analysis who were suspected or confirmed to be infected with omicron by the British National Health Service reported fever, cough, or loss of taste or smell, according to the symptom research team.

Researchers in Norway recently reported comparable results from an omicron epidemic among fully vaccinated Christmas party attendees. Cough, runny or stuffy nose, tiredness, sore throat, and headache were the most prevalent symptoms in 87 confirmed or probable cases. A fever was reported by over half of those polled, while 23 percent claimed a loss of taste and 12 reported a loss of smell.

Even if you've previously had COVID, you should be tested if you have any symptoms.

While health experts are confident that we are not on the verge of a catastrophic sickness outbreak, it is nevertheless critical to get a COVID-19 test if you have any symptoms. This is true even if you have previously been vaccinated and boosted, as well as if you have just recovered from COVID-19. Although getting BA.1 and BA.2 in quick succession is unusual (scientists believe you're safe for at least 90 days), reinfection is possible.

Data from early Omicron hotspots such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, and New York City indicate that the variation produces less severe illness than its older relatives. A late December 2021 research from the United Kingdom discovered that, as compared to persons infected with the Delta variety, people with Omicron-related illnesses were around half as likely to seek treatment in an emergency room or need hospitalization. However, even a minor incidence of COVID-19 may cause severe illness and possibly lead to long-term consequences such as Long COVID. (More study is required to understand how often this occurs.) It's also unclear if Omicron is milder than other variants of COVID-19, or whether population-level protection from immunizations and earlier exposures is moderating some of the virus's worst effects, according to Sterling. It's still a good idea to take measures, especially if you haven't been completely vaccinated or are otherwise exposed.

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