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Thursday Boots Sizing Reddit

Finally, Thursday's secret ingredient: the Dura EVA Comfort Strip. It is used in many sporting shoes to give more bounce, comfort, and shock absorption, and it is one of the trendiest features of this boot. It feels a little sandy at first, but it molds to your foot and creates a boot that feels more like a sneaker than any other I've tried. [Read the complete Thursday Captain Boot review right here!]

The following phone number is only for assisting you if you need assistance with any part of our site due to your specific disability or if you are having difficulty accessing or navigating any part of our site due to your specific disability. This number should not be used for sales or product information, but rather for assistance in using, understanding, and/or navigating our website and the information contained therein. Other phone numbers may be found on other pages and/or links on our website to help with sales, service, product information, accounts, or other elements of our company. However, as previously stated, if you have a disability that has caused or is likely to cause you difficulty accessing or navigating any part of our website, you can call us toll free at: (800) 478-9302.

Thursday Boots Captain Sizing Reddit

Captain on Thursday The Thursday Captain is a fantastic deal. These boots, made with Thursday's Chrome leather from Le Farc tannery (often compared to Horween Chromexcel), are still in good condition after four years of wear. If (when?) these ever wear out, I'll replace them. Compare Prices Read Our Opinion If you click on this link and make a purchase, we will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

A little upkeep goes a long way! Check out our boot care guide for some pointers on how to keep your Thursdays in top condition. All of our products are built to last and may require special care from time to time. If you require professional care assistance, such as resoling your boots, please see our recommended cobblers page. Whether you need a quick shine before the weekend or a full boot resole, each partner was chosen for their excellent reputation with local customers and experience with our products, and will help ensure your Thursdays last for years to come! Our boots and shoes are water resistant and will keep your feet dry on rainy days, but we don't recommend standing in puddles in them. A leather welt runs between the upper and the sole of welt-constructed shoes. This contributes to the formation of a barrier against water entering the shoe (and makes them

Thursday Boot Company Sizing Reddit

Production That Responds Every Thursday is handcrafted in small batches. Every year, you work 50/52 weeks. We can reduce waste and overhang by producing in small lots and churn inventory more quickly. As a result, we no longer have to include the cost of "excess inventory" in our prices, allowing us to pass those savings on to you. The Lean Enterprise Model Thursday was initially "bootstrapped" with our meager personal savings, which taught us how to manage our money wisely. We keep fixed costs low and do almost everything in-house with a dedicated team that believes in the mission, preferring equity ownership over high salaries.

I've had a pair of Thursday boots for three years and thought I'd share my thoughts and solicit feedback. This was my first pair of Goodyear welt casual boots, and $200 for a pair of casual boots was a lot of money for me. I'm aware that I made some errors along the way, so I'm looking for confirmation of my assessment. Album

Thursday Boot Co Sizing Reddit

markup. Your existence is not one-dimensional. Neither should your footwear. Please visit the Our Story page for more information about us!

Thursday Boot Company

Matching white cotton laces, silver eyelets, and white topstitching give me the clean aesthetic I was after. I can wear them with a beautiful pair of selvedge denim, shorts, or, if I had the sartorial courage, even a summer suit, but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. (I wouldn't want to walk on grass with them, either.) Overall, I couldn't be happier that I put off getting a pair of low tops since it lead me to these, which I now wear everywhere. ("Everywhere" presently refers to anything from my living room to my bedroom, but let's hope that changes soon.)

I currently possess Allen Edmonds Boots in a size 10.5 D. I'm interested in trying on the Thursday President Boots. Thursday's website recommends to go down a half size from shoes which I also typically wear a 10.5 D. But they

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