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Swanetien Türme

However, two more excursions are scheduled to take place in the water: The thermometer has reached 12 degrees Celsius, and the rain has stopped. More fun was had before in another location not far from Mestia: Usghuli. This Unesco World Heritage Site must be more secluded than Mestia. Images from this region may be seen on almost every advertising prospectus. However, the journey there would be full of adventure. There are car rental companies that make it impossible for their customers to go anywhere. Local drivers provide the excursion in a small Allradbus. We refrain because nebel and regulation encroach on the region. We are watching the journey videos on YouTube. It's now time for a long stroll around the village, which will take many kilometers. Unten im Tal ein heftiger Fluss a den Hngen die charakteristischen Wehrtrme Where did they come from? The story is somewhat bizarre: They serve to protect families from the effects of the blood clot. Given the number of Trme, there must have been a lot of bloodfehden here. According to ethnologists, the swanische Gesellschaft was organized into clans.

Offenheit and respectful behavior

We expect open, respectful behavior from our travelers, as well as respect for foreigners and locals, and a respectful relationship with the natural world. Traveling to other cultures and places requires a great deal of self-responsibility. Remember that there are no EU standards in many of our travel destinations, and please rely on simple precautions.

Swanetien is also a popular ski destination. The prices are really reasonable for European vacations, and the quality of the snow is excellent. There are many trails at Tetnuldi and Hatswali, ranging from very easy for beginners to quite difficult for experienced skiers. Do you want to visit Swanee? We provide tours that include stops in Swanee. Have you found anything interesting? Please contact us so that we can create a personalized offer for you. Georgien Reisen organizes day tours, short journeys, and round trips for you.

Orientation in Swanetien is easier.

Orientation: Because many hiking trails are well marked, orienting yourself is rather simple. The TerraQuest Trekking-Karte (Georgian Caucasus Trekking Map 1:75.000), which can be purchased online, is ideal for home-based tour planning. There is a trekking map with English tour descriptions in each souvenir shop in Mestia, as well as free maps with information on individual day trips at the Tourist Information (Setis Moedani 7). Geoland provides the finest Georgian maps (with English captions) (Geoland Trekking Maps 1:50.000; Map 9: Mestia, Ushguli, Lashkheti und Map 10: Mt. Ushba, Mestia). The company has a sales representative in Tbilisi (Telegrapis Tschichi 3).

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