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Super Socket Review Reddit

But we want to take this through to its logical conclusion. This would entail cutting the plastic shells off two laptops and connecting their motherboards together at the traces going to the Ethernet connector. Then your cable is only the width of the solder connection. Alternatively, you could spend your day learning about other cool Ethernet wire hacks that have more practical uses!

They function by attaching ultra-thin metal adhesive plates to your phone or its cover. To get you started, all of the top magnetic phone mounts include at least one of them. These metal plates don't add any weight or bulk to your phone. If you want even more freedom, you may go with a more practical solution like a magnetic ring mount. My preferred method is to connect the plate to an old phone case and then leave the phone cover attached to the automobile mount.

What We Liked: This universal socket's 54 stainless-steel pins are intended to fit to the contour of most items. This implies that the gadget is compatible with anything from hex nuts to bolt heads to hooks. There's also a power drill adapter included so you may utilize the socket with your existing drill. Standard Universal Socket by Moongo Tool

It was released in October of this year. Where can you get it? It is available through stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super is now available for $229 (about 180, AU$330). This puts the GTX 1660 Super only $10 (around $8, AU$15) ahead of the standard GTX 1660. However, the faster GDDR6 memory provides a big performance advantage for the minor price increase.

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