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Sonic Dreams Collection Reddit

People "in" on the joke don't alter the fact that the op's piece is garbage and deceptive, according to KojiKnight. Click to enlarge... Come on, it contains the developer's name in the title and a link to their home website at the bottom of the OP. You have to intentionally be "misled" by this.

Watch as Nick and Griffin dive headfirst into Arcane Kids' Sonic Dreams Collection, playing the first (and, surprisingly, tamest) of four bundled games, "Make My Sonic." This is just the beginning; we've spent an inordinate amount of time today with all four games in the collection and will be bringing you videos on each of them as soon as possible. If you want to try Sonic Dreams Collection for yourself, go to hedgehog.exposed and enter the password 'grandpa.'

FEEDING:There are three Egg People in this area, but you can only reach them via object hopping. Object hop using the food from the tube. Two are located above the spawn. "We simply like to watch," they explain, standing in a nook outside the imaginary borders. Object jumps really high in the air. It's challenging, but if you figure it out, you'll be able to go beyond the invisible wall. "NO ONE is as horny as me, I'll tell you that," claims this egg. I have nothing to offer any of these egg guys. I have no idea whether anything works. Experiment a little!

Sonic Dreams Collection was published on the website hedgehog.exposed on August 10, 2015[3] as freeware for OS X and Windows PCs.

[13] The site included a press release in which Arcane Kids claimed to have found the game's contents in a Dreamcast software development kit they bought on eBay in 2013 and put them online as a protest against Sega's apparent efforts to conceal their existence. [3] The press release does state that Sonic Dreams Collection is a parody, with no relationship with Sega. [19] Visitors must use the password "grandpa" to download the game. [13] Reception [edit]

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