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Snow Shoveling Shooting Reddit Full Video

Officers coming to a report of shots fired discovered Lisa Goy dead in the middle of the roadway and James Goy dead between some automobiles, Smith said.

Upon our arrival, Spaide shot himself, Smith claimed. We heard the shot. At that moment, we performed a tactical entrance and he was located with self inflicted gunshot.

James and Lisa are featured in the rear row of a Facebook photo, flanking their surviving 15 year-old son, who has autism.

A extremely frightening videotape of the event shows Jeffrey Allen Spaide, 47, walking inside his home to retrieve a pistol to shoot James and Lisa dead, after an altercation over shoveling snow into each others Plains Township property.

His LinkedIn profile indicates he was a professional engineer with expertise in water / wastewater projects, landfills, transfer stations and other waste processing facilities.

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