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Skyrim Amorous Adventures Reddit

For the most part, NPCs in Skyrim are fairly barebones and only satisfy the bare minimum to be called a genuine part of this live, breathing world. However, many players, naturally, believe that meeting this fundamental measure is insufficient. This is exactly what Interesting NPCs want to change. It incorporates a slew of fully spoken characters from throughout the globe, with some of them being romanceable or having their own side missions.

When two individuals really love one other but are sick of each other's sh*t, he walks out and sows some wild oats... what's that? They are, indeed, farmers. Anyway, when she catches his new Mistress sexting him pics of her bodacious ta-tas on his phone while he's in the shower, he pretends it was all for her and drags his 19-year-old girlfriend home "for her," despite the fact that neither of the ladies is Lesbian or bisexual... it's all in this Pamphlet of Polyamorous Ploys, but don't let your sister see it because I don't OK, fine. Stop growling at me and tossing weird items at my display. After you've completed the "Darling, care for some attention?" dialog, you may start a threesome by choosing the "Let's find someone else to join us" dialog option. Vyxenne edited the post on August 24, 2019, 01:24 AM.

So I just returned to Skyrim and discovered a mod called Amorous Adventures. I HIGHLY suggest this mod whether you like sex modifications or not. It's an excellent example of a decent base game mod. All of the characters included are from the main game and are voiced using spliced lines. This mod only expands on the backstories of established characters, such as Lydia, Adrianne, Ysolda, Serena, Mjoll the Lioness, and Jarl Elisif, to mention a few. My only criticism is that the original creator can no longer create new missions for this mod. That being said, if anybody knows of another mod that adds to or is comparable to this, I'd be grateful. If anybody is interested in continuing, I have a few suggestions for how to do so.

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