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Reddit Wisconsin Parade Video

an officers radio broadcast. He stated they were searching for a red Ford Escape SUV with substantial front end damage driving southward away from the procession. Another cop reported he had fired rounds at the SUV while it was traveling through the parade area Here is the Facebook live footage of the procession from the citys Facebook page.

(CNN) The festive sounds of a Wisconsin Christmas parade were broken by panicked cries Sunday as a car drove into participants and onlookers gathering for the event in Waukesha, a community about 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

Five people were murdered and more than 40 were wounded in the turmoil, municipal officials claimed, as investigators verified the identify of the suspect

"Oh my God," an onlooker can be heard exclaiming minutes after the truck plows into the gathering.

Another video, which seems to have been filmed by a spectator from the sidewalk, reveals the moment a group of teenagers waving white pompoms was struck by the SUV. Multiple individuals can be seen tossed to the ground

Christmas Parade Wisconsin Video Reddit

Brooks was interviewed by Fox News while in detention and stated, "I just feel like I'm being monster ised."

[40] His mother issued a letter to the media stating he had a lengthy history of mental health difficulties and no health insurance to pay for therapy. [40] [41] In December, Brooks was charged additionally for the November 2 incident, with counts of intimidating a witness and intimidation of a victim, both felonies. He is said to have contacted his girlfriend from prison over many days and threatened her to hinder her assistance with the inquiry. [29] In January 2022, 77 more charges were brought against Brooks for the parade assault, including 61 counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, six instances of hit and run involving death, two counts of felony bail jumping and two crimes domestic abuse. [42] [43] The other allegations are in connection to two altercations between Brooks and his girlfriend on the day of the incident and the day before. [44]

Waukesha is of little interest to these folks, not merely because the story

Wisconsin Parade Video Unedited Reddit

Just spoke to (a friend) she stated she witnessed corpses flying. They were shoot(ing) out the windows as they went past, driving people over, a lady whose friend was present told Heavy. Her buddy wrote her, ppl driving through parade injuring people.

A Christmas parade Sunday night in Wisconsin was tarnished by a terrible occurrence when the driver of an SUV reportedly raced through the audience and ran over several members of a marching band, primarily young girls. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said many deaths are confirmed, but he didn't provide many further information. Thompson said a suspect is in jail and police have seized the car involved. Eleven adults and 12 children were sent to nearby hospitals.

A popular group of entertainers known as the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies has announced that three of its members were slain in the pandemonium during the Christmas parade.

Waukesha Wisconsin Parade Video Reddit

assessments; misdemeanor violence with domestic abuse assessments; and obstructing an officer. He paid $1,000 bond on November 19, two days before the Waukesha assault, and was freed. [30] [31] [32] Brooks also has a warrant for a sex offence in Nevada. [33]

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies are (devastated) by this dreadful (tragedy) with the loss of life and injuries in the Waukesha Christmas parade, they wrote. Our group was doing what they loved, performing in front of audiences in a parade putting smiles on faces of all ages, filling them with pleasure and happiness. While performing the grannies liked hearing the audiences shouts and appreciation which undoubtedly brought smiles to their cheeks and warmed their hearts. Those who died were incredibly passionate Grannies. Their eyes gleamed..joy of being a Grannie. They were the glue.held us together. Our hearts are heavy at this most terrible time, when further information and updates become available it will be presented . Please remember them their families, friends, the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies and everyone who lives have forever altered in your thoughts and prayers. Heres what you need to know:

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